Achieve this Look: DIY Inspired Invitations

To help you add that little something extra to your wedding stationery, today I have a great (and simple!) DIY tutorial with 4 different sets of Weddingstar stationery. Designed with the novice crafter in mind by our own brilliant designer Tara, these step-by-step instructions will show you how easy it is to make your wedding stationery one of a kind. So get ready to wow your wedding guests with our “Inspired Invitations.” Enjoy!

Reef Coral Nautical Stationery with Anchor Charms



Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own Reef Coral nautical invitations you will need:

1.  Reef Coral Stationery {featured above are the invitations and the RSVP’s}
2.  Boat Anchor Charms
3.  Ribbon or twine {we used Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine}
4.  Scissors &
5.  Glue {we like Tacky Glue best which can be picked up at your local craft store!}



Step 2: Create!

With all the crafting goodies listed above by your side, let your imagination run wild! Andrea (our hand model and design superstar) is showing you how she looped the baker’s twine around the RSVP to create the bundled look in the finished product below. With an anchor charm tied onto the front, suddenly your RSVP has a “wow” factor all its own. Even adding something as simple as a length of twine or an anchor charm to the edge of your invites and RSVP’s gives that extra touch of homemade beauty that really makes your stationery shine.



Parisian Love Letter Stationery with Pearl Brads and Crystal Accents



Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own Parisian Love Letter bundles you will need:

1.  Parisian Love Letter Stationery {featured above are the post cards and the small rectangular tags}
2.  White Pearl Brads
3.  Premium Jewels with Adhesive Backing
4.  Tweezers {for the jewels – trust me, they make placing them so much easier!} &
5.  A hole punch



Step 2: Embellish!

Embellishing some aspects of your life can land you in trouble, but embellishing your wedding stationery is a must! Adding glamor to your invitations with faux pearls and gems is as easy as using a hole punch to pierce a spot for a pearl brad to hold your stationery together and adorning each piece with adhesive jewels. It doesn’t take a lot of skill or time to add a few embellishments, and you can see just how fantastic they make your wedding stationery look!


Vineyard Stationery with Wine Barrel Charms



Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own Vineyard programs you will need:

1.  Vineyard Stationery {featured above are the folded program covers}
2.  Wine Barrel Charms
3.  Ribbon or Twine {we used Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine} &
4.  Scissors



Step 2: Design!

Thanks once more to our lovely hand model, you can see how we decoratively twisted the twine around the top of the program and affixed the charm. Let this inspire you to get your inner DIY diva to come out by trying different ways of wrapping the twine or ribbon around your stationery to see what effect you like best! Then simply tie off your stringing material inside or on the back of your wedding stationery and it will stay firmly in place.



Equestrian Love Stationery with Horseshoe Charms



Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own Equestrian Love invitation sets you will need:

1.  Equestrian Love Stationery {featured above are the invitations, RSVP’s and the die cut merchandise tags}
2.  Horseshoe Charms
3.  Ribbon {we have personalized and plain options!}
4.  Scissors
5.  Glue {once again we like the Tacky Glue best!} &
6.  A marker



Step 2: Adorn!

A little ribbon and some charms can go a long way! Simply gluing a charm to the top corner of your invitations is easy enough for anyone to do, and as you can see it looks great! Cut a length of ribbon to tie around the center of the RSVP’s and transform them into a pretty bundle. With the addition of the die cut tags strung with matching ribbon and a charm, your wedding stationery is picture perfect and sure to set you apart!

I hope these quick tutorials have inspired you to make your invitations one of a kind with a little help from Weddingstar! Create, embellish, design, adorn and wow your guests! Happy crafting (and happy weddings!). See you all Friday!


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