The Cupcake – Mouthwatering Morsels of Magic

malteaser cupcakes Content Warning: This post may not be suitable for all viewers. Anyone hungry should not continue reading – we cannot be held accountable for any side effects.

More or less on impulse I have decided to feature cupcakes. I blame the impending holidays, the baking to-do list that has been floating around in the back of my mind for the past few weeks and the boxes of cupcakes that mysteriously began to appear around here.

I figure you won’t mind, after all – cupcakes are fabulous! Just look at that picture. Do I really even need to say more?

Oh don’t worry though, I certainly will!

Just in case you need convincing of the merits of cupcakes I’ll elaborate to my hearts content.

You see, cupcakes are an incredibly popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake for a plethora of tasty reasons!Cakes

1. They are less expensive. If you have a small budget or a large crowd you can feed the same amount of people on cupcakes for a lot less than a wedding cake.

2. They look, and taste, delectable. It’s not as though you have to sacrifice flavor with these beauties!

3. You can get a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone. And! If you have family members with food allergies, ordering a special batch without certain ingredients is as easy as… well… cupcakes! You won’t have to get an entire cake tier in one flavor.

4. No cutting is required. You don’t have to worry about chopping the cake up into a million pieces, or spending an hour serving it.

cupcakes yay

5. Really? Have you not SEEN how cute some of them are? Don’t even get me started on the wonders of cupcake displays – though if you must, just imagine what you can do with them. You can stack them, arrange them, put them on platters, stands, on a table, plates… You can attach a mini flag and use them to direct guests to their seats.

6. Stuffed Cupcakes.

Chocolate and Mint. Apple and Caramel. Vanilla. Red Velvet. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Key Lime. Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing. Lemon. Chocolate Chip. Pumpkin. Mocha…

The uses and flavors of cupcakes are practically endless!

Not to mention the delightful little fact that you can quickly sneak one at any point to replenish your dwindling blood sugar levels without worrying about destroying an entire wedding cake to satisfy your urges!

If any small children get a taste for icing (little fingers always do) the offending dessert can be quickly consumed without anyone the wiser!

The best thing about cupcakes? You can literally decorate them with anything! It doesn’t matter how crazy – it’s a cupcake, therefore it works!


Aliens Visit Georgetown Cupcake

You can have cupcakes on a stick, cupcake bouquets – I’ve even seen cupcake kebabs. The whole industry is genius.

If you are having a small wedding (or even if you are having a large one and prefer to go down the DIY route) baking your own cupcakes and decorating them to suit your wedding is a great deal easier than making your own wedding cake!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

If you love the idea of cupcakes, but still want the cake traditions, it is simple to meld the two. The majority of couples that go with cupcakes as their main dessert also order a mini wedding cake. Much less expensive, the  one tier mini cake (which can even be  giant cupcake) provides the opportunity to pose for the traditional cake cutting photographs and subsequent cake squishing. Cake toppers can easily be included in a cupcake display as they don’t have to sit on the top of a cake!

If by this point you are in danger of falling in love with cupcakes – never fear. Should you decide to theme your entire wedding around these mouthwatering morsels you have the most adorable decor option available to you.


Amigurumi cupcakes

While not edible, they had to be included for their aesthetic qualities.

Fancy Cupcake

And of course, my final contribution is to leave you with a little dash of Christmas Spirit!

poinsettia cupcakes

snow cupcakes

Images courtesy of seelensturm, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, [F]oxymoron, bettyx1138, and shimelle, on Flickr.

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