Designer Spotlight: Uniting Memories, the Past and the Present

Hello and welcome! I am Pamela, a Graphic Designer for Weddingstar, and am pleased to share some thoughts with you as you prepare for your special wedding day. Being involved in Weddingstar’s creative field, people often ask “What makes a unique and memorable wedding?”. Of course, there are endless opportunities to make a statement such as the amazing dress, the food, stationery, theme styling and so on. Personally, when I experience a genuine sense of love a bride and groom share throughout the atmosphere of the day, mixed with the addition of a few surprising details or activities, the wedding becomes intimately memorable. For a start, I love the idea of the couple sharing their own love story, especially if expressed in a way that doesn’t halt the celebration or require guests to sit still and pay attention. This goal introduces something I did at my own wedding; a Bride and Groom Memorabilia Nook! Okay I didn’t really know what to call it, but it was a huge success! Since there was going to be a line at the guest book table, there was nearly 500 guests, I placed two tables on the opposite side that incorporated memorabilia from our entire lives and three lovely storyboards of photos depicting my individual life growing up, my husband’s individual life growing up, and then us together as a couple. It was a pleasant surprise for my new husband and I as well since we had asked our parents to put this together. The feelings of nostalgia when my mom found and polished my little forgotten tea set or when my mother-in-law brought my fiance’s cowboy boots from when he was three with a picture of him wearing them was extraordinary! To the guest’s delight, some guests were included in the photos too. Members of our wedding party depicted in old and recent birthday photos also told a story of our friendship. Our parents mentioned how much they truly enjoyed going through our childhood “stuff” and picking out their favourites to shareOutdoors Inflatable Games. It was so memorable and, not to mention, super budget savvy. Many wedding guests went back and forth from the dance floor to the memorabilia niche to reminisce. It took some effort, but most importantly, it was enjoyed by all and became a conversation piece as there was a constant “buzz” around the area as people learned about our lives and their appreciated involvement. For another budget friendly way to evoke memories with feeling, I encourage you to incorporate something special that was used at your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding! I borrowed my parent’s wedding cake water fountain, some candle holders, and a ring pillow mom had sewn for her own weddingmisting tunnel. The fun photos and the look of joy on my parent’s faces after sharing my request was worth it. Of course, there were many wedding accessories unique to my fiance and I that were also incorporated, such as our cake topper As part of the centrepieces or table numbers, utilize past wedding photos of your family and friends. It’s an excellent conversation starter for each table and a fun surprise for guests! It also creates a wonderful “Love is in the Air” type atmosphere with a discerning nod to past and present love stories. Hint: try to accumulate the photos without telling many wedding guests. Hopefully these wedding ideas help inspire you. Remember, your wedding guests are people who are important to you but you are important to them as well, so try to involve your guests. It’s a genuine way to create a memorable experience enjoyed by all! Best wishes…

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