Wedding bubbles may not be new, but that doesn’t make them a thing of the past. Still a popular alternative to confetti, bubbles often find their way into happy photographs of the Bride and Groom leaving their ceremony venue.

Perhaps wedding confetti is something that you have considered but keep in mind there are many places that confetti cannot be used. Many venues don’t want to deal with the clean-up that confetti requires. If the wedding is outdoors and you are considering using birdseed, think again for a moment! The birds may not mind the treat, however when grains start sprouting in the grass or cracks in the sidewalk, you might find not everyone is so thrilled. Additionally, and this is a big one, birdseed is also a hazard due to how slippery it can be (especially for those wearing dress shoes without a lot of grip on the bottom!).


Standard wedding bubbles like those in this photo can be found HERE.

Wedding bubbles are great fun for any kids that might be attending and because they are inexpensive each guest can be supplied with their own little bottle for a very minor cost.

Also, a small bit of soap from a bubble is a loss less messy and difficult to clean than confetti in your hair or birdseed in your cleavage!

I can envision some pretty cute photographs resulting from the use of bubbles! Any with kids are a given, but how about the Bride and Groom both attempting to pop the same bubble? Incorporating these luminous little creations would also provide some great photoshopping opportunities.

Bubble Rain

Photos courtesy of Justin_D_Miller, AMP PHOTO, jurvetson and Marcos Dornbusch Lobo.

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