Behind the Veil: Historic Uses and Modern Day Veil Notions

Steeped in tradition and persisting from ancient origins, the wedding veil is one of the most important pieces on a bride’s shopping list. Once used to shield the bride from evil spirits (yikes!), today’s veil choices are more about fashion than the Underworld – but that doesn’t mean the decision on what veil to wear is free of it’s own trials and tribulations! From lengths to layers and everything in between, shopping for a veil can be a harrowing experience. But, today we’re taking the mystery out of the veil buying process by sharing our fashion tips for veil lengths that’ll fit your style and work fantastically on your wedding day!

Above featuring: { Birdcage Veil // Double Border of Satin Ribbon & Pearls Veil }

{ Birdcage Veil + Feather & Chiffon Floral Hair Accessory // Stacy + Russel }

The Birdcage: Short and sassy this veil normally covers no further than the tip of your nose, making it perfect to pair with big bold accessories for a glamorous look that doesn’t feel overdone. We also love seeing this veil teamed with another gorgeous hair accessory, like feathers or a hair flower, for that extra touch of glam!

{ Gigi + Justin // A 1950’s Bride via Pinterest }

Shoulder to Elbow Length: Popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, these veils are perfectly suited for a vintage-loving bride. And, with the focus being drawn to the bottom of the veil, these work great to show off fabulous beading or intricate designs on the front or back of your wedding dress. They also work great with statement jewelry because the focus of these veils brings all eyes right to your wedding day bling!

{ Floral Embroidered Border & Cut Edge Veil // Caitlyn + Chris }

Fingertip to Waltz: These lengths are the most popular for today’s bride because they look fantastic but don’t overwhelm a beautiful dress either. Plus, they’re long enough to take those stunning swirling veil photos we all love on Pinterest!

{ Caryn + Brandon // Embroidered Border Veil }

Chapel to Cathedral: The longest of the veils, these measure in at 92 inches (that’s over 7 feet!) and beyond. Popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s, these lengths have made a resurgence with Hollywood’s renewed fascination of the decadence of these bygone eras. With ties to royalty and formality, these floor sweeping numbers are the ultimate glam accessory for the luxury-loving bride! However, bride’s should be wary as a veil this long can be competition for a gorgeous dress – and can be a tripping hazard too!!

Now that you’re armed with the facts, hopefully your wedding veil shopping trip weighs more on the side of pleasurable than painful! And no matter what always remember that regardless of what the fashionistas say, everything is just a guideline. Love your veil and be happy on your wedding day – because true bliss is the best fashion accessory any bride can wear! Happy shopping and happy weddings! See you all Monday with a fantastic real wedding!

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