Fashion Friday: Beat Your Wedding Planning Blues Beautifully

Happy Friday everyone! This edition of Fashion Friday is all about beating stress with a little “you” time! We know how exhausting everyday life can be – throw in the work (and the flutter!) that can come with wedding planning, and it can be a recipe for a disaster…or most certainly a bridezilla moment of epic proportions. But, honestly, wedding planning shouldn’t be the end all and be all of your journey to the altar. Sure, it’s a very important part of the big lead up to your special day, but at the end of everything your love is what counts! And no one wants to come home every day to a partner that’s at “Stress Level Midnight” and constantly riding the highs and lows of an emotional roller coaster. That’s why it’s important to take a little breather from the wedding planning, the stresses of life and work and take a little time for yourself! That’s why today I’m showcasing 3 beautiful fashion forward stress busters that are a perfect way to make memories with your bridesmaids and they’ll save your sanity along the way too! So get ready to put the beat down on stress – with beauty! Enjoy!

This Sharpie nail art from one of our favorite beauty blogs, The Beauty Department, is amazing! I can’t even paint my nails nicely, let alone do all the incredible designs that I see everyday online. But, I always tried, ended up with a disaster and had to soak it off and start again – which is not stress reducing in the least! But, those days are long gone now that I can simply Sharpie my nails! I’ve tried this and it really does work great for any design you can think of. Just make sure once your done, you let it dry quick and then apply a coat or two of a fab top coat (otherwise your sweet Sharpie scrawls will wear off = boo!). Hosting a Sharpie nail party night is also a super fun way for you and your bridesmaids to unwind! Plus with so many other people around, you can always make sure there’s someone to help decorate your nails (isn’t that what friends are for?!?). So have fun, be creative and let the stress melt away as you see what amazing nail art designs you and your girls can come up with!

{ Hair Masks: Pinterest // Face Mask: Essentially Eclectic }

Nothing can compare to the stress relief you get from a good pampering session! Lounging in your favorite PJ’s, girl talking with your best friends all with a healthy dose of beautification is just what the doctor ordered to cure your wedding planning stresses! Better yet, you don’t have to buy expensive face and hair masks at the store because you can make them yourself with simple at home ingredients! Just take a spin around Pinterest and see how many different D.I.Y. masks you can find! To help get you started I picked out these simple hair masks and this decadent mud mask from Essentially Eclectic! Just make sure you’re not trying anything too close to your wedding because you never know how your skin/hair might react! And, you might also want to let your ‘maids know it will be a no camera zone so you don’t end up on Instagram rocking your face mask and favorite teddy bear jammies!

{ Photos via Hostess with the Mostess / Pinterest }

It’s been a long week, your closet is  mess and it seems like you have nothing to wear and no money to buy a new wardrobe with your impending wedding – so now what?? You host a clothing swap of course! I’ve hosted a few of these nights for my girlfriends and it is an incredible way to relieve stress, goof around, make memories and grab some swell new duds to boot! Simply go through your closet and take out all the clothing/shoes/accessories you never wear anymore. Hang or lay them out and get everyone else to do the same. Then you and all your girls can go around and try on each other’s clothing to find great new outfits that hold special memories and look amazing! Or, if a clothing swap doesn’t really sound like your cup of tea have a T-shirt modification night instead. This is where everyone brings their old tees to cut, sew and make new again (which can be a great opportunity to make your bachelorette party tees at too!). We even have a few products to help:

T-Shirt Transfers are Fun and Easy! Check em out here!

That’s all for me this Fashion Friday! Have a great stress reliving weekend everyone – Happy Weddings (and planning!). See you all Monday!!


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