Fall Spotlight: 12 Must-have’s For Your Autumn Wedding

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, the leaves will soon be changing and we have our cozy sweaters at the ready. We love this time of year and we are so excited for our fall brides! And that is why we just had to share our favorite products for the changing season. Favors, décor and more! Which are your favorites?

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Self Standing Chalkboard Sign With Rustic Wood Frame

Self Standing Chalkboard Sign With Rustic Wood Frame

Burlap Aisle Runner With Delicate Lace Borders

Burlap Aisle Runner With Delicate Lace Borders

DIY Miniature Mason Jar Decorating Kit

DIY Miniature Mason Jar Decorating Kit

Leaf Wine Stopper In Gift Packaging

Leaf Wine Stopper In Gift Packaging

Rustic Country Wedding Directional Sign

Rustic Country Wedding Directional Sign

Eco Wood Utensil Set

Eco Wood Utensil Set

Stylized Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

Stylized Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

String Of Lights With Natural Burlap Shades - Battery LED

String Of Lights With Natural Burlap Shades – Battery LED

Chalkboard Print Stationery Collection

Chalkboard Print Stationery Collection

Mini Linen Drawstring Pouch With Vintage Infused Love Print

Mini Linen Drawstring Pouch With Vintage Infused Love Print

Decorating Glass Bottle Set

Decorating Glass Bottle Set

Burlap Chic Personalized Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Chic Personalized Burlap Table Runner

The key to nailing an autumn wedding is to choose colors that will compliment natural surroundings. Think shades of red, yellow and orange. Burlap is a must and remember to add a touch of rustic flare. Incorporate any or all of these tips and you will be well on your way to sending your guests into an Autumn Wonderland!


4 Steps to Writing Perfect Wedding Vows – The Ultimate Wedding Vow Guide

Our good friend Julie Williams, “The Wizard of Words,” is giving us her best tips to make your wedding vows personal and special for the two of you. We are excited to be able to share her great ideas with all of our brides!

The ultimate wedding vow guide

Bride going through her vows

As a couple you have chosen to compose your own, unique wedding vows – possibly the most significant words you will ever share with another person.  This can be an extremely daunting and often terrifying task.  Where do you begin?

Step 1:

One of the first decisions to make is if you are going to recite the same vows or write them separately.   If you are going to do this solo it is always helpful to have a general format for each person to follow so the vows are similar in nature.    Together you will need to determine the overall tone you want to convey.  Will you incorporate a touch of humor?  Will the vows be primarily based on your religious beliefs?  How romantic do you want to be?  Are there specific words or phrases you wish to both include?

Keep in mind these are your wedding vows and will be recited in front of all of your guests so keep everything appropriate.  You do not want to take a chance on offending someone with a humorous story which might not appeal to the entire crowd.  This sort of thing is better saved for a toast at the reception.  Or the bachelor party!


Step 2:

As a jumping point you might want to consider several questions.  When did you know you were in love with this person?  How does your future spouse make your life better?  What are the most redeeming qualities in your partner?  What do you hope to bring to this union?

You are vowing your everlasting love for another person, so many couples like to declare this in the form of a promise.  Examples can range from ‘I promise to treasure and care for you every day of your life” to “I promise to always walk the dog and occasionally let you rule the remote”


Step 3:

A basic rule when writing your vows is to start big and edit, edit, edit.  Vows are traditionally about one minute in length.  Ordinarily one minute is not a very long amount of time, but it may seem like an eternity on your Wedding Day.  Here again, if the vows become too long perhaps there are bits which can be added to an event later in the day.

Long before your wedding day always ask your Officiant if you will need vow approval.  Some religions are very strict about the contents of a ceremony and you don’t want to be caught off guard at the last moment.


Step 4:

Once you have finalized your vows, practice them aloud over and over again.  Chances are you will be nervous on your Wedding Day so you want to know them backwards and forwards.  While most couples prefer to have the vows completely memorized it is suggested you have them printed on a beautiful, small piece of paper just in case you need a reminder.

The primary goal is to truly be yourself.  You want the words to come directly from your heart with your natural cadence and tone.   Afterall, these are the words which will proclaim your love and devotion for eternity.


Julie Williams

-Wizard of Words



Photography: Landon Sveinson Photography

Styling: Details Special Events

Destination Weddings: A Welcome Bag Everyone Will Love

The number of out-of-town weddings are on the rise and 24% of weddings will include travel of some sort. Your out-of-town wedding guests made special arrangements to celebrate with you and your husband-to-be. Fuel, flights and hotel costs can add up and that’s why we are showing you how to make the ultimate welcome bag!  These are a few of our favorite stuffers that we KNOW everyone will love.


Tips and Tricks:

1) A Personal Touch:

Create custom labels and hand write a thank you card. Your guests will know that you took the time to really consider and appreciate them for making the trip to celebrate with you and your husband to be. With the added cost of flights, fuel and accommodations, these little details matter.

2) Keepin’ it Local:

Every city, town and village has a specialty that they are known for. Maybe it is honey, jam, olive oil or fresh fudge. Get creative and give your guests a special introduction to your town.

3) Packaging is everything: 

When you are putting your bag together, it is important to remember that pretty packaging can take a regular product and make it exciting. Your guests will know that you took time and care when you were thinking of them. Things like ribbon, tags, and charms go a long way in creating an enticing and special welcome bag.

4) Keeping your Cool:

When you are selecting the items you want to include, it is important to consider items that will need to remain cold. Either avoid refrigerated items completely (ie. specialty cheeses) or make sure you have a plan in place. Consider including a little card letting your guests know that there are also some special treats waiting for them in the minibar fridge.

4) Special Delivery: 

Don’t forget to make arrangements with the hotel to deliver your bags. Some hotels will do this for you and others will require you to deliver the bags yourself. Talk to the hotel manager in advance so that you can coordinate in advance.



How to Give your Wedding Guests The. Best. Party. Ever!

One of our very own is getting married in a couple of weeks! We asked her if we could take an up close look at her plans for the big day. We wanted to know how she plans to keep her guests fed, happy and how she plans to give them the. Best. Party. Ever!

Kaila & Jesse

Can you tell us a bit about your wedding?

I come from a big Ukrainian family and you can bet that the day is going to revolve around food, drinks and good fun. It was really important to me to get married in my hometown, but in order to make this happen, many of our guests will be traveling quite a ways to celebrate with us. It is so important to us that they feel appreciated and welcomed.

What kinds of things have you done to make the trip easier for them?

Since it is a very small town and an unfamiliar place to many of our guests, we put together a wedding website that had everything they needed to know. We placed maps, hotel accommodations, camping sites, contact information, and a few things they can do for fun before the wedding.

We wanted the hotel arrangements to be as easy as possible for our guests. We got in contact with one of the local hotels and negotiated a discounted price for our wedding guests. This helped in 3 ways: the rooms were reserved and ensured that everyone had a place to stay. It was easy and saved them a bit of money. And it will be more fun to have everyone together in the same place!

My fiancé and I know that after a long drive we are both ready to just kick back and relax with a snack and cocktail. We wanted our guests to be able to do this as well. That is why each hotel room will have a welcome bag. We included some special local favorites from my hometown, personalized wine and water bottles, as well as some treats that we knew our guests would love! See some of our favorite welcome bag stuffers here!

Because there was travel involved, everyone needed to have enough time to make arrangements. We sent out our save the dates a little earlier than usual to ensure that everyone could come celebrate with us.

How do you plan on making your guests comfortable and happy?

We figured we would just keep feeding them!  Because the reception and the hotel are quite far apart so we wanted to give them somewhere to go between the Ceremony and Reception. My parents offered to host a mid-day reception. Our guests will be having cocktails in their backyard where there will be lots of shade and places for them to relax. I think it’s going to be nice that they can have a drink and enjoy some music before dinner.

One of the things I heard the most on Weddingstar’s facebook, twitter and blog are the best and worst things you can do as a Bride. So, I’ve learned a few things and my fiance and I decided we must have a bridal party hang out.  If you have ever been a bridesmaid or groomsman, you know there there is always a point where the couple goes off to take pictures alone or  to enjoy a little time to themselves. You also know that with so much excitement, eating sometimes gets forgotten. We didn’t want anyone fainting on us! So while we take our individual pictures at our lake lot, there will be food and drinks waiting for our bridal party at a separate location from our mid day reception so that they can relax and enjoy the afternoon and feel fresh for the big party to come!

I think everyone has been in this situation. You get to the wedding reception and you look at the seating plan and you aren’t sitting with anyone you really wanted to sit with. We didn’t want that to happen to any of our guests so we are letting them pick their own tables. We will be reserving seating near the front for immediate family and made sure there were a few extra tables in case there are a few empty seats left here and there.

With the added cost of gas and accommodations, we didn’t want our guests to have to pay for drinks on top of it all so the drinks will be on us that night!

Since it going to be an open bar, it was really important to us that everyone have a safe ride home. We have hired a shuttle service to take guests from the reception to the hotel at no charge to them.


7 Tips for a Stress-free Wedding

It can be easy for time to run away on you while you are planning, but your wedding week does not have to be a stressful one. We promise that with a little preparation and these tips, you will be smiling on the day of your wedding!


1) Cheat sheet

On the day of the wedding, it is important that your bridal party and family members are all on the same page. Make a little cheat sheet with some of the important details that they can refer to. A timeline and list of where they need to be when, a list of phone numbers they might need, addresses of the ceremony and reception locations could help prevent little timing mishaps throughout the day.

2) Payment

In all the excitement of your wedding day, a few key things might unintentionally escape your mind. Like paying your vendors. A great way to avoid this is by placing your cheques in a Thank you card. The night before your wedding, give all your cards to a trusted member of your bridal party or family to give to it’s owner on the day of your wedding. Not only is this a nice way to thank them for all their hard work, but it is a great way to avoid that awkward money conversation at the end of the night!

3) Plan ahead

With such a large list of things that need to get done a few days before the wedding, the thank you speech is often the item that gets bumped to the very last minute.Don’t get caught sitting in a corner on the morning of their wedding scratching everything down. Throughout the whole planning process, keep a little list. Booked your photographer? Add them to the list. Your cousin is helping with the guestbook table? Add them to the list. When the time comes to compile what you would like to say, it is going to be so easy AND the chances of forgetting someone is a lot less likely.

main image

Featured here: Rustic Wood Pencils

4) Hydrate

Ok, we know this is the most obvious tip, but it is also one of the most forgotten by brides. So we are going to say it again… Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will keep you calm, keep your mind clear and make you feel your very best. Not only will you feel your best, but it can do wonders for your skin. Think of your wedding like you would think about preparing for a marathon. Athletes spend the days leading up to a marathon drinking extra water to ensure that their bodies are ready for the big day. We encourage all our brides to adopt the same practice to ensure they are powered up and ready.

5) Ditch your device

After countless hours of putting this day together, it has finally come. Now, it is time to let it all go and enjoy it! Step 1 is to hand over your cell phone. It is likely that there will be friends, family and vendors trying to get a hold of you on the day of your wedding. Assign a reliable bridesmaid or family member to man your cell phone on the day of your wedding. Trust us, the day is going to fly by and the last thing you want is to be on your phone all day long. Be present and soak it all in!

6) Put a sticker on it

Wedding décor and accessories can come from many places. Maybe you have gone through a rental company, borrowed from a past bride or purchased some things yourself. When the wedding is coming to an end, chances are that there will be lots of people willing to help with the cleanup and tear down. The last thing you want is to be bombarded with a million questions or for anything to get misplaced or forgotten.  The solution is as simple as a subtle sticker. When you are setting up for your wedding, place small colored dot stickers to the bottom of your decorations. We advise that any rented items be left without a sticker, then use one color for the items you own and one for the items you borrowed. This way everyone will be able to divide and sort things properly and know where they go.

WS - Burlap Chic Creative_129

7) Organize

There are a lot important pieces of paper, lists, receipts and emails that need to be kept track of when you are planning a wedding. As simple as it sounds, it is something that will save you a lot of headaches. Keep everything in one place. Find a file folder, binder, or even shoe box (if that is what it takes) and keep all of your wedding related information in there. When you are doing some last minute searching for the rental contract or a vendor phone number, you will be so glad you did!



6 MUST-Have Items for Your Vintage Inspired Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you are reminded of the many hours spent as a little girl visiting with Grandma and discovering a treasure trove of the prettiest things you had ever seen. Vintage is about a bold mix of old and new, featuring vintage inspired colors, feminine fabrics and antique finishes that stand in striking contrast to the otherwise modern and minimal space. These 6 products have definitely proven to be some of our personal favorites and are exactly what  you need to bring this theme to life.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Gone to the birds

We don’t think there is anything more vintage than a beautiful antique birdcage. This is a stunning piece on its own, but with the addition of pearls or a tasteful floral arrangement, your birdcage can be transformed into something completely original.

Let them eat cake

Add some vintage flare to your cake (or dessert) display. This cake server set is just like the one your Grandmother used to have. From the intricate detail to the flawless silver finish, it is a detail that is sure to be admired by your wedding guests.

A place for place cards

A place card holder is such a small and practical item that it can often be overlooked as a potential decor piece. These little trinkets provide great opportunity to really show off your theme. This style is one of our favorites! Complete with an aged finish they are perfect for tying your place setting together.

Gifts for the Guys

The flask is a classic groomsmen gift that has proven to stand the test of time.  A unique style, theme appropriate design and delicious?  What more could you ask for out of a groomsmen gift? We know for a fact that these will be a hit – especially when you gift them pre-filled!

All boxed up

When searching for the perfect wedding décor piece, there are 2 things that should be top of mind. Beauty and versatility. These distressed vintage boxes can be used in a multitude of ways, not to mention the number of things you can fill them with to enhance their beauty. Pearls, flowers and lace are some of our favorite fillers!

Finishing touches

These place card holders were inspired by an eclectic mix of salt and pepper finds. With the addition of a few pretty flowers, these shakers create a stunning display of vintage perfection. Invite your guests to take one home as a novel favor they won’t soon forget!

Guiding your guests

We love these frames for 3 reasons:

1) They can be used as table numbers, picture frames, or  event signage.

2) They are a gorgeous addition to any table décor.

3) They can be used after the wedding!

Need we say more?

Props and decor items play such an important role in setting the tone and transforming a venue space in a way that will reflect your theme. Every detail no matter how large or small will work together to infuse your wedding with a personalized touch. Find more favorite vintage items here and customize your vintage style!



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