Meagan + David: Sweethearts Three

The colors in this wedding were navy blue and pink, but neither one was used to such a degree that they became overpowering. Rather, the theme shows subtle hints of the colors throughout. A selection of different florals incorporated into the decor also prevents the wedding from seeming too uniform – I personally adore variation.

The photography is nothing short of stunning but don’t take my word for it!

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Indie Romance: A Bicycle Built For Two

When it comes to Engagement shoots, the ones that always stand out for me are those that well and truly capture the personality of the couple. It’s more than just great photography and a beautiful location – when people incorporate props and bits of their personality into the photoshoot, you can get a true sense of who they are when they’re together. The pictures become more than just a pretty keepsake, they become a reminder of all the things you love about each other and that… is never a bad thing!

Engagement Photography
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Rianna + Mark: BC Engagement

Seeing as it is Christmas Eve, I thought we should celebrate by focusing on sweet love. This engagement photoshoot is so full of happiness that I knew immediately it was exactly what I wanted to feature today. Every picture submitted by Justine Russo Photography was exquisite – choosing just a few of these breathtaking engagement photos was next to impossible!

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2013 Wedding Collections

Color Personality

Last week we announced the release of our new 2013 product line and today I’m going to delve into our new wedding collections! Typically the release of a new wedding collection means one more color and design option for brides. This year we’ve taken an entirely different route and the result is an opportunity to create a wedding accessory specific to your style and color theme!

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Sara + Jason: Hollywood Hit

Mackinac Island, located in Lake Huron, is known for its remarkable historical preservation and its ban on most motorized vehicles. Travel on the island must be done by bicycle, horse or foot and if you’re there for a wedding, there is no option other than a horse-drawn carriage! It is, without a doubt, a grande location for a wedding!

This wedding is all about the movies; and the incredible photography goes a long way towards giving this wedding that ‘Hollywood’ feel. Be sure to read the message from the photographer at the end of this post to find out just why movies are important to this glamorous couple!
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Nicole + Mathew: Ring in the New Year

Sometimes the date of a wedding is as important to the couple as the location or the decor. It is one of the first details that must be decided when the wedding planning begins. The date might be chosen because of the season it is in or because it has particular significance. In this case, Nicole and Mathew celebrated their nuptials on New Years Eve!

Wedding Photography
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