Designer Spotlight: 5 Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

Hello Brides!

We’ve never properly been introduced…My name is Anne, I’ve been working with Weddingstar since May of ’08 as a creative and product designer. I am engaged to the sweet and handsome love of my life. We have been together for 7 years this February, and engaged for 1 year.

My favorite time of year is now, as we begin to brainstorm and create preliminaries for new products. I love being part of a team of talented creatives that are setting the bar in the industry for bride’s across the globe!

The robins announce their return with their beautiful song, the crisp smell in the air and the warm sun shining in our windows. Who wouldn’t be inspired by all these wonderful things making a return?

Spring evokes a feeling of giddiness in all of us, similar to the giddiness you felt after your first amazing date with your now fiance. With all the promises it holds for a beautiful season ahead both in the weather forecast and in love, here are 5 more reasons to have a spring wedding. Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Tips for the DIY Bride

Tips for the DIY or budgeting bride

If you don’t have a planner and don’t want to spend a down payment on your wedding day but still want to make it memorable, don’t fret! It’s the unique details and personal touches that you put into the day that will make it unforgettable.

Wedding Attire

Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a designer gown but you already know that you simply can’t afford the big designer price tag. Take a picture of the details that you love about this gown and gather your bridesmaids for a day of serious dress shopping. You might be surprised at what you can find in your price range without compromising your dream wedding gown. Sometimes it’s finding the perfect accessories that will create the look you want, for less.

Wedding Veil Mood Board

Fantasy Bloom Wedding Hair Accessory Love Plates Set Embroidered Border Wedding Veil

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