Angel + Matt: Modern Spunk with Old-Time Charm

One look at this swanky Pennsylvania wedding and you’re bound to fall in love with this fashion-forward bride. The sweet combination of her modern style, her handsome groom’s classic swag and the rustic vibe of the reception venue provides the perfect setting for romance.

Oh, and did I mention there’s also a too-cute-for-words party dress?!

Angel Tompson and Matt Harley were married on September 4, 2011 in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, United States.

These photos are courtesy of the fabulous David Schwartz Photography, and we can’t thank them enough for submitting them. And of course, congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Happy weddings!

Photographer: David Schwartz Photography
Floral Designer: Fox Hill Farm Experience
Dress Designer: Veronica Reis
DJ: Dj Ness Digi
Equipment Rentals: Rent-E-Vent
Jewelry: Martin Schettini Jewelry
Bakery: Sweet Eden
Event Venue: Trail’s End Camp

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3 thoughts on “Angel + Matt: Modern Spunk with Old-Time Charm

  1. The bride is glowing! The couple are so happy and content! Looks like the guests had fun too. The couple is very entertaining grooving on the dance floor! Very simple and laid back concept for a wedding, nothing fancy but it looks amazing!

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