Achieve this Look: DIY Centerpiece


vintage gold wire tree centerpiece

This beautiful centerpiece is a unique idea that you can easily create yourself – and we’re going to show you how!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To achieve this look you will need:

Pearl and Gold Ornamental Wire Tree
Silk Flower Petals
Floral Wire
Spray Adhesive
Baby’s Breath or other Small Flowers

Note: Baby’s Breath is ideal because it is easy to bunch without damaging the flowers, it is readily available at any florist and it tends to retain its appearance as it dries, which means your tree isn’t going to begin to wilt as the wedding progresses!

Step 2: Position Branches

Spread out the branches on your pearl and gold ornamental tree, they can easily be repositioned until you find a configuration you like.

Think of it a little like setting up a Christmas tree!

Step 3: Prepare Flowers

Create mini bunches of Baby’s Breath, or your chosen flower, using the floral wire to bind them together. How many you create and how full you make them is entirely up to you!

Step 4: Secure Flowers to Tree

Add as many of your miniature bouquets to the wire tree as you would like. You can secure them to the tree by wrapping a wire from the tree (one of the ones attached to a pearl) around the stems of your bouquets or by using the floral wire.

Step 5: Elevate Your Tree (Optional)

Once you are happy with the configuration of your tree, you can choose to add a little more height. Choose a box or other flat-topped item that suits your wedding style. We used our Decorative Glass Box.

Step 6: Placement of the Petals

Spray the base of the ornamental wire tree and any surface you want covered with the spray adhesive. Immediately sprinkle the silk petals on the glue. Once your first layer of petals has been placed you can spray again to create another layer if you want to build them up as shown in the photograph. How many petals is entirely up to you.

Note: Although we found that the spray adhesive is quite accurate and clean, you should be sure to cover any surface you don’t want to damage before you begin spraying.

Step 7: Setting up Your Tree

Once your tree has arrived at its location for the wedding, sprinkle some petals beyond the adhesive for a nice natural look.

Styling Tips from Kasia, Prelude to a Kiss Wedding Stylist:

  • Remember that a centerpiece is meant to be a focal point for your reception tables. Make sure that it complements everything else featured at the table, both in style and proportion. If you decide on a low centerpiece, makes sure it’s sufficiently full in comparison to the table and everything on it. If you decide on a tall option make sure it has sufficient height in proportion to the rest of the items sitting on the table, i.e. glassware. Skip this step and you may find that your centerpiece gets lost.
  • Want a tall option but find that the piece you like isn’t tall enough? Simply improvise by using a “riser” to elevate the piece. It can be anything from a pretty decorative box to an inverted vase, just make sure it’s fit to the overall design of your table settings and event design and can hold the weight of the centerpiece itself.
  • Don’t stop at the center! For an added touch of drama extend your “centerpiece” beyond the center of the table. Where using rectangular banquet tables create a table “runner” by pulling an element from your centerpiece and continuing it throughout the runner. Petals, twigs and small decorative accents will all work to create a pretty decorative blanket for your overall setting. Combine with candles for an added touch of romance and ambiance.


Hope you enjoyed this step by step guide to creating your own DIY Wedding Centerpiece. If you use our guide to create a centerpiece, or design something similar, be sure to tell us about it! (Or send in a photo!)


Produced and Styled by Kasia Juras-Azcurra, Prelude to a Kiss Wedding Stylist:
Photography by Mugshots Photography:

Pink Color Story Lookbook:
Venue: 99 Sudbury
Rentals: Chair-man Mills
Luxury Linen Rentals: http://www.haveaseat.
Cakes: Patricia’s Cake Creations:
Specialty Prop Rentals: Vintage Vignettes

How to Photographs:
Photography by Luke Fandrich, Weddingstar

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