Tips from the Pros: 7 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

The following is a guest blog post by Rob Lowry, professional wedding planner and wedding planning expert. Enjoy!

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You may want to plan your whole wedding yourself as you feel only you can make it truly unique to you and your partner. However, as this is such an emotionally charged and important event, you may feel you need the expert help of a wedding planner to bring your dream day to fruition.

If you are going to hand over the reins to someone, you want to know they’ll do the very best job possible. This is why it’s vital to get more than one quote from different wedding planners before hiring one. When you ask for a quote from each wedding planner, you should make a list of questions to ask them to aid your decision. Below are 7 of the most important questions you should ask them.

1. Do they offer all the services you require?

When you speak to a wedding planner, make sure you have a list of all the tasks that you will need help with. If you find a wedding planner that can help you with the majority of your list, then they will likely be a great candidate for the job.

2. What is their fee and can they work within your budget?

It is important that you ask about their fees as you need to make sure that you can afford them with the budget you have set aside for the wedding. Further to that you need to make sure that they will be able to give you the wedding you desire within your budget.

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3. Are they well connected?

This is an important question as you undoubtedly want a wedding planner who has a network of professionals they have worked with on other weddings. This will help speed things up as you won’t have to scrutinize over every single person who has a part in putting your wedding together. It can also save on cost as these professionals normally offer discounted rates to repeat customers.

4. Are they up to date with wedding trends?

If it’s important that you have a classy and trendy wedding, it’s essential that you feel confident that they will ensure that your wedding is current and stylish. Can they show examples of other weddings they have worked on recently?

5. Are they a good negotiator?

There are likely parts of the wedding that you would like to save money on so that you don’t go over budget, and even if you do, you don’t to go too far over it. If you are particularly savvy when you buy things, you will want a wedding planner that is similar. Will they get the best discounts and get extras added?

6. Do previous clients recommend them?

Even if you like them and you are thinking that you might hire them, you need to find out if they can provide references from previous clients. This may actually be the deal breaker because if they can’t offer references, whether favourable or not, can you really trust them to plan the biggest day of your life?

7. Can they ensure that everyone and everything will run smoothly?

If you are going to hand over the running of one, if not THE biggest, day of you and your partner’s life, you want to make sure that they are level-headed and a great trouble-shooter. Even for a small scale wedding there are still many people that need to be directed and managed, so if problems arise you want a wedding planner that will be able to sort these troubles without it spoiling your day.

The prospect of hiring a wedding planner that will give you the wedding of your dreams may feel like a stressful prospect. However, if you use the questions above when interviewing possible candidates, the job is made that much easier and you will be able to hire the very best person for the job.

Author bio: Rob Lowry specialises in making sure your big day really is the best day of your life.  He has been in wedding planning for 4 years now and is based in Ireland.  He plans all the way from booking and advising on a venue to coordinating events on the day of the wedding.

His expertise has been sought by brides nationwide as well as by where he advises on creating wedding lists for themed and seasonal weddings. Click here to learn more: PersonalisedWeddingGifts

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