4 Tips for Hosting this Holiday

Are you ready to host the BEST holiday party yet?

Pumpkin Spice is here and you know exactly what that means; the holiday festivities are right around the corner!  Whether you’re a holiday fanatic who naturally plans every detail down to the core or you’re hosting your first holiday gathering post-pandemic, the details can at times feel overwhelming.  We’ve combined 4 of our favorite Holiday Hosting Tips to help you rock out a great event that your guests will talk about for years to come!  From the food to the decorations – we’ve got your back.


Setting the Theme

Everyone LOVES a theme.

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends from work or inviting your close friends from college over for the annual gift exchange, having a theme for your event is the perfect way to set the mood!  Letting your guests know exactly what to expect at your event will help them prepare the perfect outfits and gifts.  Consider a holiday sweatshirt party or maybe a formal dinner.  The new Weddingstar Holiday Collection  features fun tops and pajamas for you and your guests to shine in! (Please note some items will not be available until December 2021)

Holiday Cocktails for Everyone!

Having something delicious to sip on is essential to a great event!  Will you have a hand crafted holiday sangria or a a hot apple brandy cider to keep your guests warm?  We recommend having an option for everyone – a drink for the wine lovers, something warm, and definitely recommend including a non-alcoholic punch option too.  As this year’s BEST holiday host you get the opportunity to put the perfect finishing touches on your holiday cocktails.  Personalized holiday glassware not only makes a great party favor but adds a colorful addition to your table setting and the perfect accessory in your group photos.  Are you hosting an avid wine or coffee lover? Our new holiday collection includes a wide variety of festive and personalized mugs, wine glasses, and even shot glasses!


What Will You Eat?

Most importantly how will you serve your guests?  No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying the event.  We want you to be enjoying the giggling and spirits too.  We recommend keeping your holiday menu simple or perhaps creating a potluck collaboration with a few of your willing guests.  If you’re choosing between a sit-down feast or perhaps staged appetizer spread, this holiday you can dress up even the simplest dishes and desserts with a gorgeous platter or custom holiday napkins!

Leftovers galore?  For many the festive treats and hors d’oeuvres are the highlight of the holiday season.  Sending each guest home with a tasty treat is great!  Fill a personalized treat bag for each guest on their way home.

Gift Exchange Anyone?

‘Tis the season of giving!  Adding in a gift exchange is the perfect way to round out your event.  Struggling to find a gift to exchange or maybe you have that one relative who is difficult to buy for?  Personalize a unique gift!  View our Holiday Gift Guide for inspiration and affordable gift ideas.

Remember to Enjoy Yourself!

You’re creating a memorable experience for everyone and we hope you take the time to enjoy yourself too!  Remember to take pictures of your table settings pre-guest arrival and of course document all of the fun you and your guests experience from the laughter to the gifts!


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