4 Instagram Hacks To Inspire Your Wedding

4 Instagram Hacks to Inspire your Wedding

1. The Double Tap

You probably already know that you can like images by double tapping them with your finger, but did you know that Instagram keeps track of the things you like? This helps them show you the content you love to see. So tap away!

Bridal Couple Kissing

2. Tag, You’re It!

Want to keep your bridesmaids in the loop? If you find something you love, just tag them in a comment below and let them see all your faves. And don’t forget about the hashtag. Some of our favorites are #letsgetwed, #weddinginspiration, or #bridetobe. Just tap your favorite hashtag and all the images under that tag will appear. It is as simple as that.

3. You’ve Got Mail

Sometimes you want to keep your wedding details hush hush. No problem! Just send your bridesmaids a private message. Click the arrow button below an image, select the recipient and type away.

Gold Floral Wedding Cake

4. Go Pro

If you still aren’t quite sure what you are looking for, just follow the pros. They are always on top of the most stylish trends and wedding ideas.


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