Introducing: The Media Guy

As a visual guy I like to argue that it’s pictures that tell a story, initially grab us, and put things into context. My name is Luke and I’m Weddingstar’s Web Media Content Luke The Media Guy Creator or put simply, ‘the media guy’. With an SLR or camcorder in my hand my goal is to help present the originality that this company both creates and inspires.

Things have really just started to take off in the last year. We now have WeddingstarTV where you can view the videos that I create on everything from specific product demos to behind-the-scenes previews. There’s a lot more on the way too! This blog, for me, is going to mean a chance to debut new videos as they go live and share some of the stories and details behind the subjects featured.

So, why don’t we get started?

The very first video I created for Weddingstar debuted earlier this year and featured our Keepsake Display Stand. Creating a video for something like this was the perfect challenge because it allowed us to showcase the range of distinct uses for a seemingly simple product. This is what’s so exciting about our videos. Not only can you get a better idea of how a product looks, but you may also be inspired to try something that you hadn’t considered before by seeing the item used in multiple ways.

What I love about video is how you can convey emotion and turn an object into something much more personal. While the Keepsake Stand may just be a frame in the simplest of terms, the reality is that everyone who uses it will be marking a very important time in their life. It’s very exciting to be able to share in that energy as couples look for clever ways to make their big day even more special – especially when I get to do it by sharing my passion for video!

There is a lot more on the way so I’d also love to hear what you’d like to see Weddingstar make videos about. Your feedback can help make our content even better! Not to mention, I’d love our projects to become even more ambitious as time rolls on.

Stay tuned.

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