3 Uses for Your Cake Topper…After the Wedding Cake

You chose the perfect topper for your wedding cake, but now what? Well, a cake topper isn’t only a great way to add a touch of personalization to your cake, it can also serve as a keepsake or décor element for your home after your special day.

Here are three great ways to utilize your cake topper, post wedding.

1. As a Keepsake


True Romance Cake Topper
& Wooden Keepsake Display Stand

Celebrate your wedding day again and again with a personalized keepsake display stand. Engrave it with a sentimental saying, your names and your wedding date, put a photo of your wedding cake in the frame and place the keepsake on your mantle, coffee table or bookshelf. Voila! — a wedding memento for life!

Watch this video for other great ideas:


2. Pretty Floral Arrangements

Photo Credit: FDL Events
Modern Fairy Tale Monogram

Whether you go with a classic bride and groom cake topper, a silhouetted style or monograms, consider using it to amp up a floral arrangement in your home or outside on your patio or deck.

Tip: Using the same kind of flowers as you did for your wedding in this arrangement will really bring back some special memories of your big day.

3. In Your Home Décor

“Love Link” Stylized Heart Cake Topper

Don’t just tuck it away in your china cabinet — be creative! Use it as a centerpiece on your coffee table or mantle.

Some of our heavier cake toppers can even be used as bookends. How sweet would it be for your cake topper to hold up your guest book, photo albums and other wedding mementos? Just be careful, it is rather fragile.

Tip: It’s perfectly acceptable to choose a cake topper that suits your home décor even if it doesn’t match your wedding theme to a tee.

Happy weddings!


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2 thoughts on “3 Uses for Your Cake Topper…After the Wedding Cake

  1. That’s a clever idea to use your wedding topper as a keepsake. Nice.
    It’s a bit easier to reuse some of the other wedding items like personalized champagne flutes. If nothing else, you can at least reuse them on each anniversary and perhaps New Year’s Eve.

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