Hot Picks: 3 Unique Yet Chic Wedding Trends Right Now!

Navigating every new wedding trend can be a hard job for many brides: Which ones do you follow? Which ones should you avoid? Should you even have trending elements in your wedding or will they end up looking dated when you re-look through them in many moons to come (just like your snazzy side ponytail and neon sweater from the 80s!). To be honest, at the end of the day, we think it’s all up to you – follow whatever trends or design you really want and like because it is your wedding after all! But, if you’re thinking of trying something new and you’re not sure where to start, we’ve picked out the 3 best new wedding trends we’ve seen that are simple enough to incorporate into your upcoming nuptials without a lot of hassle but are chic enough that they won’t feel dated in years to come! So without further ado, here they are:

{ Trends: Unique Bouquets, Super-sized Photo Props & Bespoke Boutonnieres }

Unique Wedding Bouquets

Your bouquet is a perfect time to infuse some of your unique personality into your wedding day – and we love how you can take this trends as far as you want to. You can go as simple as using non-traditional flowers or floral elements like succulents or large single blooms to make a statement. Or, maybe you even want to incorporate some bright colored flowers to give your bouquet some pop! You can go as complex as using totally different elements to jazz up your bouquet – just look at how darling that ice cream cone bouquet is and ditto for the records! And, we are in love with the butterfly bouquet – it could be the perfect piece for a garden or backyard wedding! The key with this trend is that the sky’s the limit so let your imagination rule – we’re sure you’ll like the result!

Super-sized Photography Props

Capturing your love for each other on your special day is a major component of any wedding celebration! And, our second trend pick is all about capturing amazing moments – with the use of super-sized photo props for a truly unique look. From a giant wire heart, to light-up signs to yarn wrapped letters and banners, you can express your love for each other and get fabulous photos to boot! Props can be great fun to play with and we’ve seen our fair share of couples who were well served with their photo props to protect them from inclement weather or even the beating rays of the sun. Have fun, goof off and don’t be shy to bring along whatever photo props mean something to the both of you! Just a cautionary note: If you’re making a super-sized prop like yarn wrapped letters or a DIY light-up sign, make sure you do it well in advance of your big day! Speaking as a crafter myself, sometimes DIY projects can need revamps or even total re-dos so plan to get them started well before your wedding date or ask an especially crafty friend to help you out!

Bespoke Boutonnieres

With your totally unique wedding theme now well underway, your groom can get in on the action too with a bespoke boutonniere! From comic book paper flowers to toys to a simple rope knot, the look is up to him {and probably a little up to you as well 😉 }. Whatever the two of you decide, a bespoke boutonniere makes a bang and could also save you big bucks from the florist too, not to mention that all the boys will be excited to get to wear something that signifies their personalities so you can put the kibosh on whining about the un-manly nature of flowers (because there just isn’t anything un-manly about a Darth Vader boutonniere – seriously!). Just remember to try these ideas out with lots of time to spare before your big day so you’re not frustrated/disappointed/stressed about how they turn out! We even have the tutorial to make that awesome comic book flower right here {although for his favorite comics I might suggest Xeroxing the pages instead of cutting them straight out of the book, because that could land you in a whole lot of trouble!}.

{All the Above Photos Were Courtesy Of Pinterest}

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{ Featuring (Top to Bottom): Parisian Love Letter Paper Blooms, Polka Dot Decorative Shape Bunting Banner, Faux Jewels by the Roll, Anchor Charm, Pearl Brads, Beautiful Butterfly Decorative Set, Paper Parasols with Bamboo Boning }

I hope you guys all enjoyed these trends – let the images inspire your own designs as you create the wedding of your dreams and let your imagination soar! See you all Friday with another great inspirational post – 15 Ways to Use our Wooden Signs! Until then, Happy Weddings!

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