Get the Look: 15 Ways to Use our Vintage-Inspired Wooden Multi-Purpose Boards

Well the title might be quite a mouthful, but these little boards are a power-packed decor gem just waiting for your imagination to transform them. From the perfect party sign to a great wedding photo prop to a rustic cheese platter, we went around the office here at Weddingstar HQ to see what our designers favorite ways to utilize our Vintage Inspired Wooden Multi-Purpose Sign Boards (say that 10x fast!) are. And, now we’re counting down the top 15 ways we came up with to use them – at your wedding and beyond! Enjoy!

{ Photo via Erin Walker Photography }

#1 Photo Prop: Our first use is what these multi-purpose sign boards are most commonly used for – and that’s as a photo prop! Let guests play with them in the photo booth as they ham it up with the chalkboard side! Or, write a thank you on them and hold it with your beloved to snap a great photo to send out after your wedding. No matter what you decide to write on them, they make a great prop for your wedding, engagement, baby announcement – just let your imagination soar and your camera flash too!

#2 Favor or Present: Another way to use these signs is as a favor or present for your wedding guests! With each boards chalkboard side and white-washed wooden side, Sharpie markers can be used to make a one-of-a-kind favor to give to guests or as a present to your wedding party. Write a special quote, their nickname or their special role in your wedding for an easy DIY gift that’s sure to pull heart strings! Just remember to seal it with clear coat and if you want a more distressed look just apply packing tape to the white-washed side and rip it off. Repeat that a few times and you’ll have an aged sign that looks shabby-chic + fabulous!

#3 Directional Sign: With perfectly placed pre-drilled holes, these signs make giving directions at your big day a cinch! Use the chalkboard side to handwrite on directional arrows and places while you  get a white-washed side custom engraved from us! Then simply attach with nails/screws/ect… to a wooden post and voila! With these signs all set up, there’s no way your guests are going to get lost – which might come in handy especially if your wine and cocktails are taking place in a separate location 😉

#4 Reserved Sign: Let guests feel like their a big deal too when you place these signs out as reserved seating boards. These are especially handy at the head-table if you want to write everyone’s names on the back of their chair or at their place setting. Plus they cut down on confusion because they’re nice and big and easy to read from a distance = score!

#5 Bride and Groom Chair Signs: Along with marking out your guests places, you can feel free to use either side of these multi-purpose wonders to mark your own spots! They make a great rustic/vintage addition to your wedding design and can be hung with any type of ribbon or string to create just the right look for your big day!

#6 Favor Sign: Not only are these signs a great favor already, but they can be used at a favor table or bar to display your intentions to your guests! Make sure no one feels too shy to grab one of your amazing favors when you place this on the table with a message to help themselves! Or let the corks pop and wine flow with them beside a drink station stating it’s an open bar! Whatever you may need to communicate, these signs are the perfect way to make sure everyone experiences your wedding just how you intended them to.

#7 Door Hanger: These signs work great at your wedding to mark chairs and give directions, but they work great at home too! Use the pre-drilled holes to thread twine through or affix ribbon to the back of the sign to make a fun door hanger! With both sides, you can Sharpie in a message to stay and use the chalkboard side for quick messages or changing states of your mood so family members know when not to disturb you!

#8 Quick Message Board: Place this board out in a common household area and you have the perfect sign board! With it’s chic look, it makes a great and function decor addition as you use it to notify your spouse or family of plans, your location or even give words of encouragement!

#9 Rustic Cheese Platter: Simply rip off strips of parchment paper to make either side of the board food safe and place cheeses upon them! Use the chalkboard side to write each cheeses name or have an even more rustic feel with the white-washed side!

#10 DIY Decor Board: With your imagination at the helm and your artistic know-how beckoning, create a one of a kind decor board for your home with this unique sign. Once again, you can utilize Sharpie markers on the white washed side for a permanent look that lasts or chalk your muse on the chalkboard side for an ever-changing art installation! You can even let your guests get in on the action when  you hang this sign in your entry way with chalk – waiting for anyone who comes into your home to leave a special message or picture!

#11 Garden Marker: If you’re like some of us here and you like to garden, then this sign is perfect for you! Simply Sharpie the names of each plant on the white-washed side, let it dry and give it a few coats of clear coat and you’ve got your own personalized garden markers (they look absolutely adorable amidst all the vines and flowers in a garden!).

#12 Storage Bin Marker: Another way to use these ingenious signs is as a fashionable marker for your storage totes. Simply use either side – the chalkboard side is easy to change if your storage bins are changing their contents regularly or you can make your markers permanent by once again using the white-washed side. Either way you decide, they hang nicely off the front of a tote with string, twine, yarn or ribbon and they are nice and big to write down exactly what’s inside every storage bin!

#13 Party Sign: How adorable does this baby shower sign look?!? Write whatever the occasion is on the chalkboard sign, jazz up the board with streamers, lights or other DIY details and your ready to have a fabulous party! Plus, you can see just how cute these signs are to take photos with at any event from a wedding to a baby shower to a birthday party!

#14 Wreath Accent: A lot of us like to craft out here at Weddingstar and this multi-purpose board makes the perfect wreath accent. Simply buy (or make!) any kind of large wreath you might like. Then affix this sign artfully across the middle to add another dimension to your home decor! Then you can write whatever you wish on the chalkboard side, or customize the white-washed side to have your last name, “Home Sweet Home” or any other terms you find endearing to come home to!

#15 The Perfect DIY Present: Finally, our last way to use this multi-purpose sign is to give it as a present! We know we already suggested it for your bridal party, but how about customizing it for your mom on Mother’s Day or for your Aunt’s birthday? You can get the board engraved on the white side, Sharpie a special message on the white side with your own handwriting or chalk a phrase on the chalkboard side! Your imagination is they key, and with all the other uses for this sign, we know it makes the perfect present for just about anyone on your list!


Whoo, 15 uses down and I bet you guys can even think of more! The great thing about these signs is just how much you can customize them! Use them at your wedding day and beyond and let your imagination soar! Have a great weekend everyone, see you all Monday with another real wedding. Happy Weddings!





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