Tradition Explained: The Bouquet Toss

{This beautiful bouquet comes from Laura & Nathan’s spring soiree}

Ah it’s finally Friday again – and I think that’s a perfect time to demystify another of our classic wedding traditions: the bouquet toss! As part of our “Tradition Explained” series, you’ll be fascinated to know where this wedding staple comes from and how today’s brides are adapting it for modern times! And, remember if you haven’t read the last piece, Tradition Explained: The Garter Toss then right now is a perfect time to do so!

{A Pine Cone Bouquet from Lauren & John’s Amazing Winter Wedding}

Just as the garter toss originated out of superstition, so too developed the bouquet toss. As you’ll remember, the garter toss hails from a need to keep crazed relatives from ripping at a brides dress – the pieces of which were thought to bring good luck. Of course, brides weren’t too pleased with this tradition and hence the garter toss was born! Tied into this new tradition, brides also began to throw their bouquets to try and get a further leg up on their friends and families antics. And, if that weren’t already fairly bizarre (can you really imagine trying to get away from your loved ones as they claw at your dream dress like a horde of hungry zombies…) the bouquet was also used to ward off evil spirits. Yep, that’s right, I said evil spirits! In days gone by, brides carried “bouquets” of dill and garlic to ward off any type of evil that might be lurking around. Luckily, as time wore on, brides began to add better smelling flora into the mix and the modern day bouquet began to gain momentum!

{Marisa & Dan opted for a lovely mix of blooms in their San Francisco wedding}

No longer used to tempt away demonic forces or act as a distraction, the modern bouquet is quite the thing to behold! With brides now opting for everything from flowers and pine cones to brooches and paper blooms, it’s no longer customary to carry just a single set of stems. Still, as much as the bouquet toss has evolved, some modern brides still have tribulations with the use of it. Commonly used to add a bit of fun to the reception, all the single women are gathered up to try and catch the bouquet – the “winner” of which is believed to be the next to get married. Done in good fun, it can still be a little embarrassing for a couple’s family and friends as the single ladies get “paraded” out on the floor. Also, as competitive attitudes (and probably a little alcohol!) get added into the mix the possibility of injury grows and sometimes it’s just not in a couple’s wishes to do. So what have modern newlyweds decided? Well a first option is to hold the bouquet toss, but simply have all the women come out on the floor. Thus, there’s no embarrassment for those that are single and everyone gets the thrill of the game! On the other hand, if injury is a couples concern then the bouquet can be used as a token of affection instead. Variations on this idea abound but some of the ones I loved best are bestowing the bouquet on grandparent’s with a speech about how their love inspires you or even giving it to the couple who has been married the longest. Whatever you want, the choice lies with you! From your blooms to the toss to what you wrap around the base, modern times have bestowed great powers of decision into all our hands (and the inspirations to make our dreams come true). So, whether you choose to do the toss or not at least you know where it came from!

{Be inspired with our tutorial all about using our Parisian Paper Blooms to craft a one of a kind bouquet!}

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I hope this article has enlightened and inspired you! See you all Monday with great wedding eye-candy in our newest Real Wedding! Until then, Happy Weddings!

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