Designer Spotlight: Weddingstar Goes to the Opera

As Weddingstar’s in-house photographer and videographer it’s always a welcome change of pace when I can get outside of the studio to do some on-location shooting.  This summer I was fortunate enough to head up to the Calgary Opera House to capture the behind-the-scenes action from one of our largest photo shoots for the 2012 Weddingstar magazine. Continue reading

Wedding Favor Boxes

When a pre-made favor isn’t on the list of items you want to include in your wedding, you face the challenge of not only creating your own favor, but also making it look attractive.

If you are planning to create a favor display, you may want to consider how the favors stack and look together. One of the easiest ways to achieve a polished favor is to use a favor box.

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How To: Tie Ribbons (Videos Included)

scrummy ribbons
(Photo courtesy of Laineys Repertoire)

Tying a ribbon isn’t quite as simple as tying your shoe. Sure, you could do it the exact same way, but if you do the end result isn’t going to be the one that you are hoping for.

Wedding ribbons can look smart and classy just as long as you take a little extra time to tie them. Unfortunately every ribbon type requires a slightly different method to achieve that polished look, and of course it depends what you are tying the ribbon to!

For this post we are going to focus on favor ribbons, but keep in mind that the basics behind them can be applied to many other ribbon types.

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Wine Wedding Accessories

Wine Drop

Born of majestic vineyards and with a millennia of history behind it, wine is truly synonymous with culture and elegance. As with great relationships, wine not only takes time to mature but it also takes willingness and dedication to fully appreciate its many qualities. Wine is romantic and sensual – it is the elixir of conversation and seduction.

There are many ways that wine can be incorporated into a wedding in order to achieve an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Many of our products were designed with the desire to enable brides to carry out the theme in all aspects of the wedding, if she so chose.

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2011 Weddingstar Magazine & “The Cover Shoot”

The design, proofing, photography and production of our yearly magazine is a long and very in-depth ordeal. In earlier posts we showed you a few behind the scenes videos that hinted at the amount of work that goes into a single photo-shoot. To celebrate the completion and launch of the Magazine, we have one more inside look that takes you into the creation of the Cover.

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Behind the Scenes Mini Series

A Weddingstar Photo-shoot

Each image that you see in our Weddingstar magazine was carefully crafted and photographed during a long and intensive process. We have decided to reveal a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes of a Weddingstar Photo-shoot and we hope you enjoy the alternate view!

For our 2011 Magazine we took a series of photos for a Garden Party theme – and our very own Media Guy (Luke) was there to capture the event on video.

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Introducing: The Media Guy

As a visual guy I like to argue that it’s pictures that tell a story, initially grab us, and put things into context. My name is Luke and I’m Weddingstar’s Web Media Content Luke The Media Guy Creator or put simply, ‘the media guy’. With an SLR or camcorder in my hand my goal is to help present the originality that this company both creates and inspires.

Things have really just started to take off in the last year. We now have WeddingstarTV where you can view the videos that I create on everything from specific product demos to behind-the-scenes previews. There’s a lot more on the way too! This blog, for me, is going to mean a chance to debut new videos as they go live and share some of the stories and details behind the subjects featured.

So, why don’t we get started?

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