Tips: The A to Z of Wedding Planning Musts – Part 2

As Part 2 of a three-installment blog, this post is going to run through eight more must-dos for your wedding. We’ll cover everything from Invitations to Place Cards and everything in between.

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Theme: Tiffany’s and Diamonds…on a Budget

Have you always dreamed of an extravagant Tiffany & Co.-inspired wedding but never thought you could pull it off on a limited budget?

Well, here some of my favorite Tiffany & Co.-esque guest favors, stationery, accessories and wedding decor that won’t break the bank no matter how grandiose or modest your budget.

The Inspiration

Everybody knows a Tiffany & Co. gift box when they see it. The Tiffany Blue color (and yes, it’s an actual color!) is just so charming, especially accompanied by a pretty white bow.

Pair it with faux diamonds and you’ve got yourself a glamorous, elegant wedding theme.

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Theme: Sports, with Style!

Hey brides: can’t you just picture this little rugby man cake topper sitting atop your classic, white fondant wedding cake? Hmm…probably not. But you know who can? Your groom!

As the bride, you’ve probably sanctioned the wedding your domain. The colors, the cake, the centerpieces, the flowers, the favors — your groom is likely halfway out the door before you can even utter the words: “Let’s talk about the wedding.”

But have you even really considered him in all the planning? Or better yet, have you ever considered a wedding all about him? From fun yet classy cake toppers to sports-inspired guest favors, there are so many options to help you make your wedding day fit for a man, with style!

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Introduction: It’s an Adventure to the Altar

Hello readers! My name is Allison and I am the new creative copywriter here at Weddingstar Inc. And I am delighted to announce that from now on it’s my jabber you’ll be reading here on On a Sweet Note!

I’m a journalist-turned-blogger and a lover of all things matrimony. I can’t wait to share with you each Monday, Wednesday and Friday the secrets of the wedding world as I uncover them over the coming months.

I am by no means an expert on weddings nor have I had the honor of being a bride myself yet, but I too hope to be walking down that aisle soon just like you. For me, it’s just a waiting game until my boyfriend decides to pop the question…finally!

So, lucky you – you’re getting hitched! It’s one of the few times in your entire life where the world revolves around you so make sure you take time out of all the planning to enjoy it. Because with the big day comes the inevitable burden of wanting to make everything perfect.

~ Just imagine yourself wearing this floral-embroidered tulle veil. Stunning! ~

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