Tips from the Pros: Creating a Custom Candy Bar for Your Wedding

The following is a Q + A with Nicole Carter, candy expert from Enjoy!

                             { Photo courtesy of Jodie Cox of Couture Candy Buffet }

From classic to kooky, candy bars (also known as candy buffets) are a fun way to wow guests and add joy to your special day. Continue reading

Tips from the Pros: Wedding Cake Trends for Summer

The following is a guest blog post by Zucchero Pâtisserie, fabulous cake designers in Wales, UK. Enjoy!

The world of the modern wedding cake can be something of a shallow place. From vast, extravagant confectionary masterpieces to exquisite little cupcakes; an awful lot of time and energy is spent on making sure your cake looks absolutely incredible.

With so much importance placed on appearance, is it any wonder that taste is so frequently side-lined? Well, no more, 2012 is the year to start paying attention to flavour. Continue reading

Cupcakes, Mini Cakes & Pies, Oh My!

Looking for a unique (and yummy!) wedding cake alternative that won’t break the budget? Consider cupcakes, mini cakes or pies — not only are the flavor possibilities essentially endless, but they’re the perfect convenient size for your guests to grab themselves.

Cupcakes have really stepped into the spotlight this last year or so, showing brides and grooms that elaborate, expensive wedding cakes are becoming a thing of the past. Continue reading

A Sneak Peek at What’s New for 2012!

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Inspiration Boards: The Perfect Purple Wedding Theme

purple color scheme, wedding theme

Requests for inspiration boards have been pouring in over the last few months, and I’ve noticed one really popular, reoccurring color scheme: purple! Deep purple, plum purple, lilac…purple with black, purple with silver, purple with lime green…

So, I just couldn’t resist doing a blog post all about purple! Here are three inspiration boards packed full of décor ideas, color combinations, accessories and florals I hope will help inspire your perfect purple wedding theme.

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Online Promotion: Save 15% on Your Order This Weekend!!

discount, promotion

Hey Brides, great news: from Friday Oct. 14 through Sunday Oct. 16, you will receive 15% off your online orders of $50 or more! Check out all of our great products online at and make your dream wedding a reality! Continue reading

Theme: Tiffany’s and Diamonds…on a Budget

Have you always dreamed of an extravagant Tiffany & Co.-inspired wedding but never thought you could pull it off on a limited budget?

Well, here some of my favorite Tiffany & Co.-esque guest favors, stationery, accessories and wedding decor that won’t break the bank no matter how grandiose or modest your budget.

The Inspiration

Everybody knows a Tiffany & Co. gift box when they see it. The Tiffany Blue color (and yes, it’s an actual color!) is just so charming, especially accompanied by a pretty white bow.

Pair it with faux diamonds and you’ve got yourself a glamorous, elegant wedding theme.

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Give ‘em a Groom’s Cake

They’re sporty, quirky, fun…and delicious! Grooms’ cakes are a welcome addition to any wedding reception.

A groom’s cake is a way for a bride to include her groom in the wedding, and even show him a little thanks for his love, support and patience throughout all the wedding planning hassles.

Grooms’ cakes have been around since the 1800s in England when grooms and brides had their own cake in addition to the wedding cake. The two cakes were sliced and served to the bridal party at the end of the wedding.

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Alexandra and Joe: Playful and Pink

Bright, cheerful, trendy and…pink! Check out how this couple turned traditional into fabulous in this stunning wedding photo collection submitted by the talented Photography by Verdi.

Alexandra Nee and Joe Donaldson were married on September 12, 2009 in Riverhead, New York.

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Wedding Desserts

We’ve talked about the wonderful merits of cupcakes and advantages of candy buffets and coffee bars, but what about plain ol’ desserts? Wait, who am I kidding? There’s nothing plain about dessert! Whatever form it takes, dessert has the potential to be the most luscious food you have ever set your eyes on.

Chic Dessert Table by Shauna Younge Dessert Tables
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