Tips from the Pros: How to Rent A Wedding Dress

I have the great pleasure of sharing a fabulous pro tip with all you guys today from wedding fashion writer extraordinaire, Brittany Moodie herself. Blogger and founder of The Wedding Dress Guide, Brittany is sharing all of her tips to get a fashionable dress at a steal of a deal with an option many of us probably never considered – renting!

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20 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Under $2

Every Bride knows that sticking to a wedding budget can seem like an impossible task at times.

So, to help your budgeting journey along, I thought I would show you some of my favorite Weddingstar guest favors that won’t break the bank. Here are 20 inexpensive, unique and totally fun favors for every wedding theme.

< $1

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2012 Destination Wedding Trends

destination wedding

Can’t you just picture it? — The sun is beaming down as you make your way down the aisle, the warmth of the sand wrapping around your feet with every step. Soft sprinkles of water fall gently on your face…

Oh yes, it’s a destination wedding!

Saying “I do” amidst the sun, sand and endless margaritas may not be every Bride’s #1 choice but boy does it ever sound intriguing! Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: What Makes a Perfect Wedding?

Not so long ago, my husband asked a logical but somewhat unexpected question…especially since we have been happily married for many years…

“In your opinion, what makes a perfect wedding?”

At this point, I should introduce myself in order to explain why this was a logical topic of conversation in our home. My name is Patricia MacArthur and I am the long-serving Executive Creative Director with Weddingstar. Each and every day for more than 20 years, my days here at Weddingstar are spent completely immersed in all things wedding. Continue reading

Tips: Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations

destination, travel, wedding

As my fiancé and I begin the preparations for our wedding, my mind can’t help but wander back to what I think is one of the most exciting parts about getting married: the honeymoon!

I’ve done a little preliminary research searching online and looking through travel books, and I’ve come up with my top 6 of the most popular and most breathtaking honeymoon hot spots in the world.

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Tips: Resisting the Urge to Flee from the Budget

elope, eloping

Budget, budget, budget…it’s the inevitable party pooper every wedding can expect. But don’t make a run for it just yet — there is hope!

The trick to having the wedding of your dreams but still come out debt-free is to keep the three big budget-busters at bay: the guest list, the decor and the dress. Continue reading