Hannah + Mike: Wildflowers and Burlap

The remarkable thing about outdoor weddings is that they can be as formal or casual as you like. This gorgeous wedding sits somewhere in between with a relaxed atmosphere and charming decor. Hannah and Mike undoubtedly wanted to have a little fun on their big day as they featured a photo booth and pony rides! Keep an eye open for their family tree; it’s an incredibly unique idea, particularly for an outdoor wedding!

Bridal Bouquet
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Mismatched with Style – A Vintage Wedding Photoshoot


It is not too often that I receive a submission with a staged photoshoot, and less often that I will accept them. However this particular one is so incredibly stunning, there wasn’t a chance I was going to deprive all our fabulous readers!

This vintage but ‘not your Grandma’s wedding’ style shoot was submitted by Christy Whitehead Photography. I’ll let them explain, “This was a stylized shoot that we did at an old sawmill. We had tails for the groom and a lacy dress for the bride. Handmade cameos are featured on the cake. We even had an actual family marriage certificate displayed in a frame on the sign in table. We loved the idea of mismatched place settings and the feel of you pulled this stuff out of your grandmother’s trunk. [It is] very much a possible do it yourself project on a budget.”

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Style Theme: Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom 1

The cherry blossom, or sakura, is perhaps one of the most stunning flowers in nature. Not because it is particularly complicated or exotic, but rather because it has the ability to transform a landscape in an almost magical way.

In Japan, the blossoming of the cherry trees is a richly symbolic and celebrated event. The blossoms are incorporated into their lives in many ways including; their traditional kimonos, their art, coins and anime – it is amazing that one simple little flower could integrate itself so completely into a culture. Continue reading

Anjali & Girish – Love and Color

A wedding as stunning as this is an incredible opportunity for me, I could never resist the urge to feature it! You can’t help but admire the vibrant color, bold patterns and carefully arranged details.

The photography is excellent and gives you a glimpse into an event that is more that just the union of two people, but the union of two families and a celebration of love.

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Josephine & Rian – Pretty in Pink

This lovely wedding just took place on March 24th in lovely sunny Florida. It makes me long for sunshine and warmth – the Bride and Groom were truly blessed to have such stunning weather for their big day.

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Cari and Jared – Succulent Paradise

There isn’t a single detail in this wedding that I didn’t immediately fall in love with; the palpable romance, stunning venue, amazing photography, the dress – every single bit of it is incredible.

Normally I’m not one to fall for weddings that involve pink, however combined with such a gorgeous location, the succulents and white flowers, it’s absolutely lovely.

I’m a huge fan of the Bride’s luscious relaxed curls, I find this type of hairstyle not only photographs better than the traditional updo, but it is also soft and romantic. A look that is ideal for this wedding.

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Amy & Justin – Floral Fantasy

I chose to feature this wedding because it is an incredible example of what you can aspire to if flowers are the focus of your wedding decor. It was held in Asheville, North Carolina at the Biltmore Estate.

This stunning wedding also happens to be quite unique. The gorgeous animal that you see below is their dog Jack. He accompanied them as they said their vows and was by far the most loyal of ring bearers!

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