Tips From the Pros: How to Pull Off Mismatched Bridesmaids with Weddington Way

Today I am excited to share a new guest blog with you guys from Weddington Way. With their abundance of fashion genius, they’re giving all the details on how to pull off the new trend of mismatched bridesmaids without ending up with a bridal party that looks like a jumble! With tips and tricks to help you get the look for your wedding, read (and look!) on for lots of inspiration. Enjoy!

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Tips from the Pros: 5 Tips for A Fabulous Wedding

The following is a guest post from Maria, owner of Le Papillion Events. As a wedding and event design specialist, Maria has been a part of her fair share of weddings. Today she gives her 5 most valuable tips on how to make sure you’re day goes off without a hitch and looks fabulous!

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Wedding Programs

Wedding programs may not be an absolute requirement for your wedding, but they are a nice addition and in many cases extremely useful. Not only are wedding programs a fabulous memento from your wedding, they are a great way to keep all your guests in the loop. If you are having a large wedding, a wedding with traditional elements your guests may not understand or wish to say something to everyone – a program is the way to do it.

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LeighAnn & Frank: Finally Engaged Photoshoot

Getting married isn’t just about the wedding – it’s also about the engagement. Before the rush and craze of planning a wedding sets in, you have to celebrate, create and share a few very special memories. One of the ways to do this is with an engagement shoot – and when Erica Velasco Photographers sent in this submission, I know it was the one to demonstrate why an engagement shoot can be so amazing.

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Nicole and Sean – Cereal and Shoes

I know, I know – at first glance this wedding looks relatively tame. Aside from the shoes of course, which obviously didn’t result in any sore tootsies for this bridal party — but it has a very unique twist which inspired me to post it. There is nothing I love more than finding a wedding the genuinely reflects the couple. In my opinion, that’s the most important detail, and one that many people tend to overlook.

In order to keep to their budget the couple focused their efforts on DIY projects and as a result their wedding had a very personal touch.

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Designer Spotlight : The Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony

Start To Finish : The story of how the Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Came To Be

Hello. Stephanie here. When I’m not overseeing our talented product design team, I also work as a graphic / product designer developing wedding accessories. I’m excited to be a part of Weddingstar’s Wedding Blog.

At Weddingstar our product development team continually reviews and updates our extensive product line. This is how we manage to feature 80% exclusively designed wedding accessories. Over the last few years I have been a part of some outstanding product designs and I think that our blog is the perfect place to reveal some of the stories behind these products.

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Cindy & Roger – Two Can Play the Game

Welcome to our very first real wedding feature!

Thanks to Two Bright Lights we are now able to provide you with stunning real weddings for inspiration and of course, eye candy.

I chose this wedding as our first feature because it is the perfect example of how you can take a fun theme and transform it into an elegant, memorable wedding. Just because a wedding focuses on something playful and meaningful to the couple, doesn’t mean that it has to be cheesy!

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Love Birds – The Trendy Tweeters

The Love Bird theme is a trend that has swept up the wedding world creating a tidal wave of weddings centered around a pair of adorable birds. Of course it makes perfect sense when you take into consideration just how unbelievably sweet and romantic it can be.

Love Birds Header

Love Bird Wedding Accessories

The history behind the style stems from Agapornis, the lovebirds native to Africa and Madagascar. These beautiful parrots with their stunning plumage demonstrate with their very being exactly what love is. They take only one mate whom they shower with adoration and affection for as long as they both shall live.

Of course the theme is not usually centered around the parrot it takes its name from – for the wedding scene it has been adapted to have a much softer appearance. Often times it is simply the silhouette of a pair of birds that is used to convey the romantic notion.

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