Erin + Ryan: Lace and Love Bugs


Bold colors, a touch of vintage and charming details are all combined in this one-of-a-kind wedding. The Bride’s dress, simple, elegant and a detour from the popular strapless sensation is an absolute work of art.

A few details you won’t want to miss include; the love bug guestbook, the stunning bouquets (each one is different), the cupcake stand… and yes. Those are S’mores. And mustaches.
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The Cupcake – Mouthwatering Morsels of Magic

malteaser cupcakes Content Warning: This post may not be suitable for all viewers. Anyone hungry should not continue reading – we cannot be held accountable for any side effects.

More or less on impulse I have decided to feature cupcakes. I blame the impending holidays, the baking to-do list that has been floating around in the back of my mind for the past few weeks and the boxes of cupcakes that mysteriously began to appear around here.

I figure you won’t mind, after all – cupcakes are fabulous! Just look at that picture. Do I really even need to say more?

Oh don’t worry though, I certainly will!

Just in case you need convincing of the merits of cupcakes I’ll elaborate to my hearts content.

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