Wedding Napkins and… Superman?

Wedding fair

Cloth Napkins?

Paper Napkins?


Napkin Rings?

The decision might be an easy one for you, but at some point you’ll have to decide what kind of napkins you want to use, and how you would like to display them. It depends completely on your taste and budget, but to help you decide I’ve put together a few various types that you could potentially use.

Keep in mind that napkins aren’t just for place settings, they are also often included in dessert tables, candy buffets, coffee bars and even the cake display.

Here you can see the classic folded napkin, which is usually either slightly decorated, as this one is, or placed in a champagne glass.

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Weddingstar on Oprah

Weddingstar On Oprah - Can you spot our products?

A few months back we were delighted to find out that a couple of our products would be used on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show. We personalized the items and shipped them off being very careful not to tell anyone at all! Now that the show has been on air we can finally tell you all about our small moment in the spotlight! Continue reading