7 Ways To Make The Perfect Wedding Cake Display

It is no secret that the list of big moments that happen at a wedding is quite long. The reveal of the bride coming down the aisle, first kiss as man and wife, best man speech… the list truly goes on. But even with all the excitement to be had, the cake cutting seems to draw attention like no other. Everyone from your Grandparents down to your youngest cousin gather around and every Aunt pops her camera out just to make sure they got the special shot. There is something about the combination of sugar and a sweet moment between the special couple that gets everyone so excited. With all the attention that your cake display is sure to receive, we have a few little tricks of the trade so that you can transform your dessert display into something that looks good enough to eat.


1. Layering

When you are arranging your cake table, think about how you can create various heights with your sweets. You can accomplish this look by adding a few raised dessert plates, some tall candle holders or an elegant floral arrangement. Once you begin to build your table up, play with the arrangement. Try a few items in a few different places and then take a step back and see how it looks. There are no rules when it comes to the set up, so just keep tweaking until you are happy with the final effect.

Wedding Cake Display Table


2. A Unique Cake Stand

Who said your cake has to sit on a regular table? This is definitely one of those “rules are made to be broken” moments in wedding planning. Often a table draped in beautiful linens will do the trick, but if you are looking for something a little different, your display stand is a wonderful way to do just that. Get creative here and use your imagination. If your décor has a vintage flair, why not place your cake on top of an ornate vintage suitcase? Have a more rustic flair to your wedding? An old wooden barrel or wooden crates might be just the touch your cake display needs.

A unique cake stand display


3. In-Edible Additions

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your desserts and cake, there will usually be room for a few extra additions. A few sprigs of greenery, flowers or candles might be just the thing to enhance the beauty of your gorgeous wedding cake. Of course, your display décor does not need to stop at the table top. Draw your guests eyes even further up with a beautiful ceiling display above your cake. We have a few of our favorite ceiling decor DIY’s here:

Glitter Hearts Overhang

Mini Bottle Vast Overhang

Chandeliere and Fern Overhang

Naked Wedding Cake

4. Wedding “Cake”

Never been much of a cake fan? No problem! Why not incorporate your favorite sweet treat into your wedding instead. Maybe a Donut tower, macaroon display or stack of Oreos is more your taste. Dare to be different.


5. Back It Up

Your cake table will draw a lot of focus during your wedding reception, but don’t forget about what is going on behind your cake table. The last thing you want is an ugly or plain wall drawing attention away. A backdrop or a few decorative touches might be just the thing your venue needs.

Wedding Cake backdrop

6. Make it Mini

We have mentioned it once, but we will say it one more time. Rules are meant to be broken. Transform the tradition of wedding cake into something with a twist. A cupcake stand, cake pops, or even several smaller wedding cakes are a few things to consider when planning your sweets. Guests love bite size food and these are sure to be a success.

Wedding Cupcakes

Mini Pies

Featured here: Sweetie Pies DIY Kit

7. Accessorize

The cake is not the only thing you will need for your table. Check these few items off your list, and you will be all set!

–  Shop Cake Toppers

Shop Serving Sets

Shop Personalized Napkins


Cake Server Set

Featured here: Vintage Cake Serving Set




Photo Credits:

Jennifer Van Elk Photography

The Veil Wedding Photography

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