Valentine’s Day Bash: Guide To Snack Bar Success!

Love is in the air and we are counting down the days to the most romantic day of the year! Whether you are celebrating with your Husband-to-be or with all those special people in your life, a few sweet treats might be just what you need to make the night a success! Here are some of our favorite must-have’s for your Valentine’s Day Bash.











You’re Engaged! Top Things To Do After The Big ‘YES!

He popped the big question and now you have a fiancé! Now how does that sound? FIANCE! Now that you have declared the big `YES!` what’s next? We have tips on everything from showing off the bling and sharing the big news with friends and family to getting started with the initial stages of planning the big day. But first thing’s first. You’re Engaged so take in the moment!


Get a Manicure

When your friends and family find out that you are engaged, the first thing they are going to do is look at your left hand. Show off your new bling in all its glory. A little TLC to your cuticles and a dab of hand lotion will go a long way! Bride-pose-ring

Tell Friends & Family

As tempting as it may be to update your Facebook status right away, it might be worth waiting just a little while. A huge part of the fun is getting to tell all your closest friends and family about the big news and you might want to relish in each of their reactions. Not only is it fun for you and your husband to be, but your loved ones will certainly appreciate that you took the time and effort to tell them individually.


Buy a Bridal Magazine

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the long list of things you will have to do to plan such a big and exciting event. The best place to start is with a little inspiration. Grab a few magazines to get you started! Check out our new 2016 magazine for some great ideas on how to pull it all together.


Get Inspired

Before you can get down into the details you need to decide on the big picture. Start to narrow down an event design by getting inspired by all the possibilities. Start up a Pinterest account and begin following top wedding sources, buy some wedding magazines and start regularly following a few inspirational wedding blogs.


Set The Date

Start with the broad details like a season that sound appealing to you. What colors immediately come to mind? Will it be warm? Cold? How can you ensure your guests are comfortable? Once you have come to a decision, look at the big details like venue and photographer. Find out their availability and you will be well on your way. But in all the excitement, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy this wonderful time in your lives.


Find the Perfect Spot

Start looking into venue options for both your ceremony and reception. Many locations book at least a year in advance, so you’ll want to get a head start and consider as many options as possible. Here’s where that flexibility with your date will come in play.


Money Talks

Before you get too far into what you have to have for your big day, set an overall wedding budget you’re comfortable with. Make sure you’re not overextending yourself financially and that you’re realistic about not only how much you want to spend but also about how much things actually cost. Make sure that both you and your fiance are fully comfortable with the number as if could cause issues later on.



Put Your Name On It: Personalization 101


Personalization is a key element to creating a look for your wedding that is entirely unique to you. Whether it is the addition of your names, monogram or wedding date, every element adds an extra special touch to your décor. Here’s a sneak peek into the ways in which we create beautiful, personalized products that help make your wedding the best day ever!

Glass Printing

Using a technique called Pad Printing (otherwise known as tampography), our in house production team take a printed 2-D image and apply it to glassware with a sponge-like pad. The image is printed onto this pad, then the glass is pressed down into it allowing the pad to wrap around the glass and impose the printed design onto it. We use this technique for glassware favors such as mason jars, wine glasses, shot glasses and more!

Canda-Bar-14 Modern-Fairytale--132

Digital Printing

Otherwise known as flat printing, we have an in-house print department that produces all of our stationery, stickers, clings, printed envelopes and even printed goodie bags using a high tech digital printer. Our personalization suite allows you to provide all the information your guests will need on your invitations, and with so many stationery collections to choose from you can be sure to find one that matches your style.

Modern-Fairytale--229 Dreamy-and-Sweet--163- favors-editorial--021-EDIT Modern-Fairytale--294 Modern-Fairytale--112

UV Printing

Using a state-of-the-art ultraviolet printer, this is how we produce all of our printed aisle runners and photo backdrops. Ultraviolet (UV) printing simply means we use UV inks that dry with the help of UV light, instead of traditional inks that dry by allowing chemicals to evaporate over time.

Modern-Fairytale--027 Modern-Fairytale--030

Heat Pressing

With the help of an industrial heat press, we apply a printed 2-D printed designs to acrylic cake toppers, handkerchiefs and tote bags. We also personalize our burlap aisle runners and table runners this way but because the fibers can interfere with the heat press, we personalize each of those by hand using irons. This way we can ensure your product’s personalization lasts and always looks fabulous!


Foil Stamping

When you order a set of napkins from Weddingstar, you will receive them foil-stamped with your design of choice. You can take your customization one step further by selecting one of our 26 popular color choices! Personalized napkins are a popular trend for weddings and other events such as holidays, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers and even anniversaries. The addition of foil to our napkins adds another level of luxe. This method can also be applied to our paper goodie bags, ribbon our are brand new faux leather compact mirrors.

Classically-Pretty-154- Modern-Fairytale--145 Vintage-Blue-114- Modern-Fairytale--077 Modern-Fairytale--198-edit

Looking for the perfect personalized napkin for your special event? See all our designs here.

Laser Cut Detailing

Most commonly used with our acrylic or wood veneer signs and cake toppers, this technique allows us to create unique designs in a variety of styles. Our in house design team creates custom designs that are then programmed into to our laser cutting machine. When we receive your order and specialized design, this machine will cut the design out of a solid sheet of acrylic or wood veneer, creating a one-of-a-kind piece just for you on your wedding day!

Dreamy-and-Sweet--030- DIY-Dressed-Up-057-edit Modern-Fairytale--193-edit

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a similar process to laser cutting, except that the power of the beam is less such that it does not cut right through the material. The result of this is a permanent personalized etch into either our wood, metal, leather, acrylic or glass products. Our laser engraved products not only add to your wedding décor, but they make wonderful keepsakes in your home for years to come.

Bridesmaid-Lifestyle-Shoot--026 Vintage-Vignette--052-edit Modern-Fairytale--281 the-contemporary-guest-book Boho-Creative--077_layers


Embroidery adds another level of prestige to products such as chair banners, hankies and our soon-to-arrive tote bags and silky robes. Industrial embroidery machines allow us to produce multiple orders at one time, as this is a very popular option with our brides. Get an embroidered item for yourself or share the love! Embroidered items make wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids and really show how much you care.

Bridesmaid-Lifestyle-Shoot--017 Classically-Pretty-009- Modern-Fairytale--201

Wedding Planning: 4 Things To Consider When Getting Started

With so many options, all equally lovely, selecting the big wedding day details can be daunting. The good news is there are a few ways to simplify the process! Here are some of the key considerations you’ll want to make when narrowing things down.


1. Your Theme

Take note of the wedding style that you are drawn to. Recurring elements are a signal that will help determine your overarching wedding theme. Only after you have narrowed down the options and developed a clear idea of the look of your wedding should you begin thinking about color and décor details.

2. Your Couple Style

You probably already have a good understanding of your couple style and favorite things, but it’s good to be clear about how this will help you select your wedding details. Have a look at the things you own. From your closet to your home décor, chances are the things that speak to you will be in plain view.


3. Your Venue

Pay close attention to the architecture, lighting and surroundings to make sure it will work with your overall vision. In the end, you want to select the venue that best reflects your vision and will complement your day. If your venue has a large amount of décor in a certain color, make sure you take that into consideration when picking your colors.


4. Your Date

It’s important to look at not only where, but what time of year you are planning to be married. Close your eyes and think about the season you plan to be married in. What colors immediately come to mind? Will it be warm? Cold? How can you ensure your guests are comfortable? What are the pros and cons of that season?





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7 Ways To Make The Perfect Wedding Cake Display

It is no secret that the list of big moments that happen at a wedding is quite long. The reveal of the bride coming down the aisle, first kiss as man and wife, best man speech… the list truly goes on. But even with all the excitement to be had, the cake cutting seems to draw attention like no other. Everyone from your Grandparents down to your youngest cousin gather around and every Aunt pops her camera out just to make sure they got the special shot. There is something about the combination of sugar and a sweet moment between the special couple that gets everyone so excited. With all the attention that your cake display is sure to receive, we have a few little tricks of the trade so that you can transform your dessert display into something that looks good enough to eat.


1. Layering

When you are arranging your cake table, think about how you can create various heights with your sweets. You can accomplish this look by adding a few raised dessert plates, some tall candle holders or an elegant floral arrangement. Once you begin to build your table up, play with the arrangement. Try a few items in a few different places and then take a step back and see how it looks. There are no rules when it comes to the set up, so just keep tweaking until you are happy with the final effect.

Wedding Cake Display Table


2. A Unique Cake Stand

Who said your cake has to sit on a regular table? This is definitely one of those “rules are made to be broken” moments in wedding planning. Often a table draped in beautiful linens will do the trick, but if you are looking for something a little different, your display stand is a wonderful way to do just that. Get creative here and use your imagination. If your décor has a vintage flair, why not place your cake on top of an ornate vintage suitcase? Have a more rustic flair to your wedding? An old wooden barrel or wooden crates might be just the touch your cake display needs.

A unique cake stand display


3. In-Edible Additions

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your desserts and cake, there will usually be room for a few extra additions. A few sprigs of greenery, flowers or candles might be just the thing to enhance the beauty of your gorgeous wedding cake. Of course, your display décor does not need to stop at the table top. Draw your guests eyes even further up with a beautiful ceiling display above your cake. We have a few of our favorite ceiling decor DIY’s here:

Glitter Hearts Overhang

Mini Bottle Vast Overhang

Chandeliere and Fern Overhang

Naked Wedding Cake

4. Wedding “Cake”

Never been much of a cake fan? No problem! Why not incorporate your favorite sweet treat into your wedding instead. Maybe a Donut tower, macaroon display or stack of Oreos is more your taste. Dare to be different.


5. Back It Up

Your cake table will draw a lot of focus during your wedding reception, but don’t forget about what is going on behind your cake table. The last thing you want is an ugly or plain wall drawing attention away. A backdrop or a few decorative touches might be just the thing your venue needs.

Wedding Cake backdrop

6. Make it Mini

We have mentioned it once, but we will say it one more time. Rules are meant to be broken. Transform the tradition of wedding cake into something with a twist. A cupcake stand, cake pops, or even several smaller wedding cakes are a few things to consider when planning your sweets. Guests love bite size food and these are sure to be a success.

Wedding Cupcakes

Mini Pies

Featured here: Sweetie Pies DIY Kit

7. Accessorize

The cake is not the only thing you will need for your table. Check these few items off your list, and you will be all set!

–  Shop Cake Toppers

Shop Serving Sets

Shop Personalized Napkins


Cake Server Set

Featured here: Vintage Cake Serving Set




Photo Credits:

Jennifer Van Elk Photography

The Veil Wedding Photography

3 Ways To Warm Up Your Winter Wedding

3 Ways to warm up your winter wedding

1) A Warm Welcome

When your guests arrive at your reception, a beverage is sure to get the celebration started! Pick one of your favorites like hot chocolate, apple cider or a cranberry cocktail. Then, tie it all together with a cute accessory like these adorable paper straws.

Wedding Hot Chocolate

2) Snuggle Up

Don’t forget to consider your guests comfort throughout the day. Providing complimentary blankets or mittens are always a much appreciated gesture that will keep them smiling.

Blankets for winter wedding

3) Cozy Cover-Up’s

Now that your guest are taken care of, how are you going to keep cozy? There are so many fun fashion accessories that not only keep you warm, but add a ton of flare to your look. Muffs, shawls, and mittens are great options.



2015.11.09.WinterWedding.09 2015.11.09.WinterWedding.08 2015.11.09.WinterWedding.07


Still Moments Photography
Sunny S-H Photography

4 Instagram Hacks To Inspire Your Wedding

4 Instagram Hacks to Inspire your Wedding

1. The Double Tap

You probably already know that you can like images by double tapping them with your finger, but did you know that Instagram keeps track of the things you like? This helps them show you the content you love to see. So tap away!

Bridal Couple Kissing

2. Tag, You’re It!

Want to keep your bridesmaids in the loop? If you find something you love, just tag them in a comment below and let them see all your faves. And don’t forget about the hashtag. Some of our favorites are #letsgetwed, #weddinginspiration, or #bridetobe. Just tap your favorite hashtag and all the images under that tag will appear. It is as simple as that.

3. You’ve Got Mail

Sometimes you want to keep your wedding details hush hush. No problem! Just send your bridesmaids a private message. Click the arrow button below an image, select the recipient and type away.

Gold Floral Wedding Cake

4. Go Pro

If you still aren’t quite sure what you are looking for, just follow the pros. They are always on top of the most stylish trends and wedding ideas.


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Photography by Adore Wedding Photography



Plum Perfection: Woodland Elegance At It’s Finest!

There is a reason why purple is one of the most popular wedding colors. And that is simply because it is just gorgeous! This wedding décor walks the line of woodland and elegance perfectly. With a few touches of nature throughout, this design is sure to be admired by all.

Bride with Purple floral crown

Plum Table Setup

Wedding Ceremony Decor

Cake Table

Featured here: Mini Martini Glasses


Art Director, Stylist, Floral Design: Gabrielle Green of Event 29

Coordinator: Michelle Carter of Showerbelle

Photographer: Seriously Sabrina Photography

Photographer: Chelsea Dawn Photography

Decorations: Weddingstar

Makeup: Michaela Francis Artistry