weddingstar x dresslands Open Backless Shift Dark Green Dress

weddingstar x dresslands Open Backless Shift Dark Green Dress / Black and White/sheer sleeve/Mid-length dress

This open backless shift dark green item is a stunning black gown that will be perfect for your next formal event. It will make you feel weightless and flows around you for a youthful look and feel. The patterned sleeve provides a unique and pleasing eye-catcher. The sheer sleeves also help form a unique product. The white sheer fabric provides a visual contrast to the dark black shading of the rest of the dress. It’s a mid-length dress which works great for dancing. Weddings, showers, and birthday parties provide great opportunities to pull out this piece. Women with certain occupations could utilize this dress for a work atmosphere. The bust has a simple yet elegant appearance and helps to hold the piece together. The piece seems to flow with the elegance of the layering. Every woman needs a great black dress for formal occasions. This weddingstar x dresslands backless shift dark green dress is a cut above the rest with all its features and the state of its appearance.

Designer Spotlight: Reception Ideas

Hello there! My name is Tara and I am a graphic designer and product developer here at Weddingstar. I am very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the blog and over time share some of my ideas and inspiration. I'll start with a few words about

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