Nicole + Mathew: Ring in the New Year

Sometimes the date of a wedding is as important to the couple as the location or the decor. It is one of the first details that must be decided when the wedding planning begins. The date might be chosen because of the season it is in or because it has particular significance. In this case, Nicole and Mathew celebrated their nuptials on New Years Eve!

Wedding Photography
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Heather + William: Classic Glam with an Autumn Twist

Filled with gorgeous details and brilliant colors, this wedding is a stunning visual display. Reds, oranges, yellows and browns combine for a perfect fall pallet. Be sure to watch for the ‘vases’ that the bouquets are held in at the wedding reception – Love them!

I know I don’t need to point in out, but this car is amazing. It might just be one of the best photo props I’ve seen! I don’t think it could possibly be painted in a more beautiful color. (I might be a huge fan of red… but you have to admit; it’s a nice vehicle!)

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New 2013 Weddingstar Product Line!


Our designers have been hard at work all year and all their efforts have brought us to this moment! The Prototypes have been approved, the photoshoots are completed, the shipments of new products have arrived and finally… finally we can reveal all the new wedding accessories that have been kept under wraps for so long!

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Anne + Kellen: Together at Last

Time apart is by far one of the greatest challenges that any relationship will face. It strains, drains and forces you to forge ahead with determination – and if you don’t, the relationship will fail. In the end, such a test will either make you stronger as a couple or tear you apart. In this case, Anne and Kellen came through their trials more in love than ever.

What an incredible couple!

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Wedding Flowers: Gerbera Daisy

BEHOLD!!… The Gerbera

Some call it a Gerber Daisy, others a Gerbera, but either way it is one of my favourite flowers. It’s bold, beautiful and its large vibrant blooms will add color and life to any event. Somewhat less formal than roses, lilies and orchids – the Gerbera is what I consider a ‘fun’  wedding flower.

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flowers
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Hannah + Mike: Wildflowers and Burlap

The remarkable thing about outdoor weddings is that they can be as formal or casual as you like. This gorgeous wedding sits somewhere in between with a relaxed atmosphere and charming decor. Hannah and Mike undoubtedly wanted to have a little fun on their big day as they featured a photo booth and pony rides! Keep an eye open for their family tree; it’s an incredibly unique idea, particularly for an outdoor wedding!

Bridal Bouquet
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Lisa + Benny: Formal Faith

If elegance and class are the focal points of your wedding planning – this is one wedding you’re not going to want to miss. All the details, from the perfect red roses to the romantic lighting at the reception, are stunning. The swirls of petals down the aisle are a gorgeous alternative to an aisle runner, not only safe and environmentally friendly for the outdoors, but also incredibly visually appealing.


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Diana + Patrick: Destination Sun

Bold. Vibrant. Colour.

Not only does the wedding feature multitudes of colors (though a lovely shade of peach is definitely the focus), but the Bride and Groom’s surroundings in beautiful Playa del Carmen are filled with the kind of life that you simply don’t tend to see in North America. It’s rich culturally, musically and architecturally – a perfect location for a wedding, in my humble opinion.

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Candy + Nate: Clocktower Romance

Though the details of this wedding are undeniably lovely; the stark contrast of the red and black, the personalization, the Fleur de Lis accents, Basketball Cake Topper…it was without a doubt the clock tower that caught my eye. It’s such a unique wedding venue and it results in one of the most outstanding Bride and Groom photographs that I’ve ever seen!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this black and white shot!

Wedding Silhouette Photography
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Introducing Kasia (Wedding Stylist)!!

With the new year approaching we have a number of exciting things to reveal, the first of them being our all-new wedding ‘Lookbooks’ and wedding stylist Kasia Juras-Azcurra. We wanted an opportunity to not only showcase our products, but to offer inspiration that is unique to Weddingstar. Kasia has made this all possible with her styled photoshoots that will be released through Weddingstar exclusively. The very first Lookbook that is going to be unveiled is ‘Contemporary Garden’; you can see a sneak peak of some of the details below.

What you see is only a tiny fragment of the stunning details that are about to be released!

Purple Wedding Inspiration

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