Jessica + Joseph: Pink Tradition

Filled with family memories and steeped in tradition, this classically elegant wedding is a beautiful affair.

I love the idea of the Signable Frame Guestbook – It’s such a great alternative to the traditional guestbook because you can hang it right on your wall. It’s not just some keepsake that will end up stuffed in a box a few months down the road.

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Kerry + David: Rustic Baton Rouge

This small church wedding featured a rustic reception at the Bride’s family home filled with gorgeous details and endless smiles. Burlap table runners, simple centerpieces and a stunning buffet are just a few of the notable elements.

The guestbook desk is a perfect example of the homey, rustic feel, that the wedding portrays.

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Yvonne + Richard: Purple, Ivory and Baseball Cakes!

With purple as the main accent color, this elegant wedding leaves nothing to be desired. It’s chic, classy and full of gorgeous details.

The baseball groom’s cake is a nice salute to the male in the equation, a nice touch when the wedding is distinctly feminine. If the bride is the one primarily planning the wedding, a groom’s cake is also a great surprise to let him know that she was thinking of him during the planning process.

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Choosing a Signature Wedding Drink!

Wedding drinks

If wedding planning is starting to increase your stress levels too much, perhaps taking a little time to plan a signature drink for the big day might help!

How is adding one more thing to your to-do list going to help, you ask? Well you see, signature drinks must be carefully tested before any decisions can be made! 😉

We have two great drink ideas for you today (recipes included)! Feel free to use them as they are or create one all your own. A drink created specifically for your wedding can add a fun dash of personality and flair!

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Nicole + Mike: Sweet Sand Ceremony

The bright pops of color in the decor are the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous sunny day that Nicole and Mike had for their wedding. The venue, flowers and table settings are gorgeous – I particularly love the detail in the folded wedding napkins.

The sand ceremony is a great way to include loved ones in the ceremony. In this case the two larger vases were for the bride and groom and three smaller nesting vases were used by the groom’s children.

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Inspiration

The snow has been falling since yesterday morning and the temperature is a balmy -20 degrees Celsius… what better day could there possibly be to feature our “Winter Wonderland Idea Board”!


This inspiration board of Weddingstar products was created by our design team to showcase their versatility. Alone they are all interesting pieces, but combine them and you have the makings of a full fledged Winter Wedding Theme.

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Meagan + David: Sweethearts Three

The colors in this wedding were navy blue and pink, but neither one was used to such a degree that they became overpowering. Rather, the theme shows subtle hints of the colors throughout. A selection of different florals incorporated into the decor also prevents the wedding from seeming too uniform – I personally adore variation.

The photography is nothing short of stunning but don’t take my word for it!

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