Vintage Halloween Wedding Ideas

Happy Halloween!

There are always weddings that center around the holidays and Halloween is no exception. There will be weddings with pumpkins and zombies, skeletons and vampires — but what if you want a slightly more subtle tribute to the day?

All you really have to do is take it one step beyond vintage and venture into the ‘neglected’ era.

Set the stage for something spooky, and let your guests’ imaginations do the rest.

Vintage Wedding Dress

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Julia + Bradley: Navy and Yellow

We already know that you can’t resist a man in uniform, but that’s only one of the many fabulous details in this wedding! It’s all about the little things; the hand painted cake topper, the cartoon versions of the Bride and Groom gracing their wedding stationery, the buttons on the vases and of course the exquisite candy buffet. I never tire of seeing a well done candy buffet, it’s such a great alternative or addition to traditional wedding favors.

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Erin + Ryan: Lace and Love Bugs


Bold colors, a touch of vintage and charming details are all combined in this one-of-a-kind wedding. The Bride’s dress, simple, elegant and a detour from the popular strapless sensation is an absolute work of art.

A few details you won’t want to miss include; the love bug guestbook, the stunning bouquets (each one is different), the cupcake stand… and yes. Those are S’mores. And mustaches.
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Autumn Inspiration

Fall Wedding Rings

Even though today felt like the first real day of Winter, what with the world suddenly becoming covered in a glistening and slightly damp layer of white; I’ve decided I’m not quite ready to let go of Autumn. As such I have done a little digging and come up with a collection of photographs that will hopefully help to inspire you.

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Jackie + Tony: Classical Cream

Sometimes the perfect wedding is white lace and roses and sometimes it’s top hats and horse drawn carriages. In this case it is most definitely the latter.

Filled with all manner of magical details, this wedding stands out from the norm. It has its own unique style, a stunning venue and a Bride and Groom who are without a doubt loving every minute of it.

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Aisle Runners: Tips and Alternatives

The aisle runner┬áhas a long history steeped in tradition, first as protection against evil spirits and then evolving into practical protection for the bride’s gown against mud and dirt. In the modern day and age the aisle runner is typically used to lend a ‘royal’ atmosphere to the wedding decor. They are available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and can even be personalized with monograms, names, dates and more!

While they are a relatively common element in wedding decor and readily available, there is more to choosing your aisle runner than simply picking your color and being done with it. The first key point is where your wedding is going to be located; if it is indoors a standard aisle runner will usually work just fine. If instead you are getting married on a beach or in a park, there are more details that must be taken into consideration!

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Kelly + Brett: Garden Party

Sun kissed, full of love and happiness; you couldn’t plan for better!

Purple is definitely the focus color of this wedding and they pulled it off perfectly. Blending a variety of shades and tones they created a color scheme that is both elegant and eye-catching. Love the pop of color in the Bride’s shoes!

Decor details include a “True Romance” cake topper, stunning floral arrangements, paper lanterns and beautifully crafted signs.

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Nicolette + Jason: Autumn Bliss

Wedding Photos

Fall is here and with it the opportunity to host a wedding with all the beauty and vibrant colours that nature puts on display at this time of year. I couldn’t resist the chance to feature this wedding for a little autumn-inspiration!

Aside from the obvious planning and love (just one look at the Groom’s expression when he sees Nicolette walking down the aisle speaks volumes), there are a few details which must be mentioned.

The “Thank You” photo is a great alternative to thank you cards; not only is it so much more personal but it is a fabulous reminder of the wedding. They also included notebooks with the table numbers on them for the guests to fill out. The table number coincides with the Anniversary the couple will open them on, an idea similar to our Anniversary Note Box!

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Pearl + Jeffrey: Sweet Peach

Pearl + Jeffrey: Real Wedding

Blending delicate peach roses with hints of pastel blues and greens, this wedding features an incredibly soft pallet. A little added bling at the centre of many of the roses serves to modernize the look, while photographs of the couple merged with the decor incorporate a more personal touch.

A candy buffet, suspended rose centrepieces and delicate florals are only a few of the oh-so-sweet elements in this wedding.

I love the details captured by Michael Anthony Photography, especially the rings and the excitement of the bouquet toss — but my favourite photo, by far, is the very last. You’ll see why!

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