Rachel + Nate: A Wedding Inspired by the Movie “Up”

Even if you haven’t yet seen Disney-Pixar’s animated film Up, on which this wedding (and Nate’s adorable proposal) was based, you will still enjoy the bright yellows and purples, absolutely fall in love with the bride’s stunning dress and headpiece, and appreciate all of the fun little details.

Rachel and Nate Seitz were married on October 15, 2011 in Richmond, Indiana, United States. Continue reading

Love Birds Wedding Inspiration

Love birds are the epitome of romance, aren’t they? These pretty birdies mate for life and they’re never afraid to show a little affection in public. Perfect for weddings!

You can dress them up for a black tie affair or keep them fun and natural for a more rustic look. Here is some inspiration and tips on how to make your love bird wedding absolutely perfect. Continue reading

Butterfly Wedding Inspiration

Butterflies are one wedding staple that I can never really get enough of, especially for spring and summertime weddings. Not only are they pretty and very versatile, but butterflies also have a little bit of a symbolic connection to marriage as well.

These delicate flutterers symbolize new life, new beginnings and a transformation from old to new, and they also represent elegance, freedom and beauty.

So to get you started, here is some inspiration and tips on how to make your butterfly wedding absolutely perfect. Continue reading

Tara + Sean: Milk & Cookies and Converse Sneakers

This fun-loving couple let their personalities shine through in all aspects of their bed & breakfast Virginia Beach wedding. From the Bride’s incredibly chic birdcage veil and the Groom’s classic black suit to the late-night Oreo cookies, they really pulled off the theme of laid-back elegance.

Tara Cermak and Sean Sill were married on October 16, 2011 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. Continue reading

Christen + Josh: Sunshine and Smiles

This wedding is already a few years past, but the lush green grass and summer sunshine just really brought a smile to my face. And with the first day of summer finally here, what better way to celebrate then with a bright July wedding at the Belle Grove Plantation in Virginia?

Christen Orndorff and Josh Palmer were married on July 7, 2007 in Middletown, Virginia, United States. Continue reading

Mix & Match Cake Toppers for Interracial Brides & Grooms

Photo credit: Us Weekly

For all of the interracial couples out there, you’re not alone! And that’s why Weddingstar has a variety of mix and match wedding cake toppers to fit each of your unique relationships.

Look at Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan last month. He’s Caucasian and she’s of Chinese-Vietnamese decent. Hmm…I wonder what their cake topper looked like. Continue reading

Tips: Having a Perfect Wedding when you’re Expecting

Whether a baby bump has always been part of the wedding plans or not, being a pregnant bride shouldn’t change things too drastically. And even if the baby news was a surprise with only a few months to go until the big day, don’t panic. You can still have that dream wedding you have always imagined.

When we found out we were pregnant, my fiance and I chose to put off our big wedding until after the baby is born and we eloped to Las Vegas instead, but there’s no reason you have to do that too.

Just look at actress Drew Barrymore for example, and her recent marriage to Will Kopelman… Continue reading

Shannon + David: Tiffany Blues and Jimmy Choos

The crisp, clean color palette alongside the bride’s sparkling Jimmy Choo stilettos and mile-long veil make this ├╝ber romantic wedding by the beach truly special.

And actually, their photographer from Vanessa Joy Photography said it best:

The Tiffany blue colors in this wedding were so gorgeous and done so tastefully that the entire wedding was vibrant and full of life!

Shannon Colegary and David Broitman were married on April 9, 2011 in Sea Bright, New Jersey, United States. Continue reading

Battling the Inner Bridezilla: Expect the Unexpected

It’s been, wow, nearly 4 months since my last Bridezilla entry (when I ranted about one of my bridesmaids deciding she no longer wanted to be in my wedding). Yes, far too long and I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I have to admit a lot has happened to my wedding plans during that time.

And over these last few months I’ve learned probably the single most valuable lesson when planning a wedding that I’d like to now pass along to all of you: expect the unexpected.

So, to all my fellow Brides out there, here is my rather rocky wedding planning story. Hopefully it will help inspire you to look at the bigger picture too, because a wedding, no matter how fabulous it may be, doesn’t mean a happy marriage. Continue reading