A Summery, Non-Floral Wedding Photo Shoot

An incredible photo shoot by Becca Rillo Photography of a dreamy summer wedding with bursts of orange and bright pink, irresistible DIY elements, and an eye-catching bridal bouquet made entirely of fabulous brooches. Continue reading

“What are Escort Cards, and Do We Really Need Them?”

Golden Lac Box Cardholder | Moroccan Square Tag

With all the varieties, shapes and sizes out there, wedding stationery can be a bit confusing. And yes, some of it is just for aesthetic use but most do serve a purpose, so be careful not to back away from all of it so soon.

Through your wedding planning travels you’ve likely come across the term “escort cards” (or “table sign cards“) and went, “Huh?” Am I right?

Escort cards aren’t as well known as say invitations or place cards, but if you’re planning to have assigned seating at your wedding, they are definitely just as important. Continue reading

Jillian + Tim: Lemon Yellow with Vintage Flair

Adorable bright bridesmaids dresses, great vintage style and yellow shoes that just tie the whole fabulous color scheme together, this ultra shabby chic wedding is one of my faves!

Jillian Kasbergen and Tim ‘Boomer’ Murray were married on October 15, 2011 in Tulare, California, United States. Continue reading

Tips: Decorating Your Wedding Aisle

You’ve probably spent a lot of time envisioning your wedding reception décor, but have you given any thought to the ceremony?

All ceremony spaces can be jazzed up to better reflect your personalities and wedding style. So, whether you’re tying the knot in a church, hall or even at an outside venue, you should consider adding a few elements that will not only wow your guests but will add to the overall magic of that big moment.

From personalized aisle runners to unique floral décor ideas, you can make your ceremony aisle as special and as ‘you’ as you want. Continue reading

Tips: Top 4 ‘Groom Duties’ When Planning Your Wedding

How involved is your groom in the wedding planning? Let’s face it, most guys haven’t been planning their wedding day since they were little boys so it’s pretty fair to say that they aren’t going to be as interested in all the little details as we are.

My fiancé has been fairly helpful in planning our wedding, but there are definitely only a few things he’s really opinionated about.

This got me thinking: what sort of involvement do grooms typically have in the planning? So, I took to our Facebook fan page and asked brides:

What part of the wedding planning is your groom in charge of? Or are you looking after everything yourself?

I took the answers we received and put together this top 4 list to help you delegate a job or two to your groom and get him a little more involved. Continue reading

Shannon + Max: Uggs and Leopard Print

Subtle touches of tasteful leopard print on the girls’ bouquet and on the cupcakes at the reception added just the right amount of personality to this couple’s special day.

Shannon Shaw and Max Brown were married on January 1, 2011 in Olympia, Washington, United States. Continue reading

A St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Theme

Square Vases | Crystalline Quartz Sand | Hand Painted Butterflies | Felt Butterfly Candle Holder | Organic Green Woven Favor Boxes | Felt Butterflies | Ceramic Butterfly Dishes

When I think of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration I envision green, green and even more green…oh yeah, and shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold too.

And when it comes to St. Paddy’s themed weddings, anything goes — yes, the cheesier, the more cliché the better! I’ve put together two inspiration boards — one all about décor accessories and the other about bridal accessories — that will take your St. Paddy’s Day wedding to whole new level of green. Enjoy! Continue reading

Weddingstar Takes a Trip to Sin City

Our Weddingstar team hit up the fabulous city of Las Vegas earlier this month for a trade show, a massive trade show. The Event Solutions/Catersource Trade Show caters to event planners and caterers from all across the United States, and our booth received a ton of traffic over the two-day event.

I thought I’d share with you some photos from the trade show as well as a break down of the three wedding table top themes we featured there: Beach, Vintage and Sparkle. Continue reading

Monica + Deshawn: Wishes of a Wedding 25 Years in the Making

This loveable couple was given their dream wedding by Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit organization that grants the wish of a wedding to deserving couples throughout the United States. Wishes are granted to couples who have overcome — or are still facing — a terminal illness or life-altering health challenges.

The adorable Groom, Deshawn ‘Djay’ Jones, was diagnosed with diabetes at only seven years of age. His endless struggles have included diabetic comas, partial sight loss, dialysis and a kidney transplant.

He had first met Monica, the girl of his dreams, back in elementary school 25 years ago, but it wasn’t until January of last year that he finally built up enough courage to ask her out. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Monica and Djay were granted their dream wedding on November 11, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Continue reading

Recreating our Vintage Chic Wedding at the Opera House

Vintage chic weddings were so hot last year and they still are, so we wanted to go all-out vintage glam for the staged wedding we featured in our 2012 Weddingstar Magazine. With colors of champagne pink, ivory and smoky eggplant, this wedding was undeniably romantic, elegant and très chic.

I thought I’d dissect a few aspects of the ceremony and reception to give you all a little hint into what made it so special and how you can recreate the look for your own fabulous weddings. Continue reading