Srey + Chris: A Cambodian Celebration

A special touch of tradition, colors that light up the room and beautiful intricate detailing on the traditional Cambodian attire make this wedding an undeniably romantic event.

Srey Um and Chris Hubbard were married on July 29, 2011 in sunny California, United States. Continue reading

Show us Your Stuff!

As a Bride-to-Be, I know how inspiring it can be to see wedding products you like in action, which is why I try to provide a variety of photos of our products on this blog. But to do that I need your help, so please, send in your wedding photos!

I’ve put together a collection of some of the photos we’ve received over the last several months. So if you’ve ever submitted a photo, chances are they’re in this post. Enjoy!

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Tips: Choosing to Wear a Veil or a Headpiece for Your Wedding

With casual, outdoor, destination and vintage inspired weddings growing in popularity over the last year, more traditional-style wedding trends have sort of come to a standstill.

Our dresses are sexier, our shoes are colorful and our hairstyles have taken on a more tussled, natural look…and typically sans veil. But with the royal wedding taking center stage earlier this year and the consequential emergence of grandiose, Victorian inspired weddings predicted for 2012, it’s more than likely the veil will be making a comeback.

So how do you choose? Continue reading

Inspiration Boards: The Perfect Purple Wedding Theme

purple color scheme, wedding theme

Requests for inspiration boards have been pouring in over the last few months, and I’ve noticed one really popular, reoccurring color scheme: purple! Deep purple, plum purple, lilac…purple with black, purple with silver, purple with lime green…

So, I just couldn’t resist doing a blog post all about purple! Here are three inspiration boards packed full of décor ideas, color combinations, accessories and florals I hope will help inspire your perfect purple wedding theme.

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Pamela + Dustin: A Wedding of Prairie Wonderment

A young couple’s love just radiates through these stunning photos of their October wedding in a small, rural community on the Canadian Prairies. The event was a family affair, with all helping hands on deck to help make their special day possible.

Pamela Huber and Dustin Bischoff were married on October 8, 2011 in the small town of Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada. Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: My Future Wedding

My Future Wedding

Growing up, I wasn’t exactly the girly type. But just because my rugby ball replaced my Barbie doll, that doesn’t make me any less of a girl. Needless to say, weddings were an entirely foreign concept and I never really gave them any thought. While my grade school counterparts had everything planned down to the seating arrangement, I had never once thought about my own wedding. And then, some 20 years later, that all changed when I was hired on at Weddingstar.

Am I married? No. Am I engaged? Not yet. But I am going away on vacation with my boyfriend of four years who I have a house and a dog with, and I believe that would be an ideal time and place for that oh-so special moment. Of course, if he fails to do so, there is always Valentine’s Day just after we get back, and we just so happen to be going to a hockey game in Calgary that night. Hmm…

As exciting and special as it will be, I figure there is really no rush for him to propose. Little does he know that I will have the entire wedding planned out by then anyway.

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Lisa + Jeff: Love, Friendship and a Pretty Restaurant Venue

From a pretty purple calla lily bouquet to a romantic venue under the stars, this wedding is full of elegance and sophistication.

Lisa Strain and Jeff Wetzel were married on July 15, 2011 in Sacramento, California, United States. Continue reading

{ Inspiration } Best Wedding Day Photo Ideas

My fiancé and I recently met with a photographer to discuss getting our engagement photos taken. In preparation of the photo shoot, she asked us to come up with a collection of photos we’ve seen, like and would want to try.

And this got me thinking: why couldn’t you do the same for wedding photos?

So, I’ve put together a compilation of a few fab wedding shots I’ve seen over the past five months that really stood out against the rest. They’re unique, eye catching and totally gush worthy!

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How To: Pull Off a Wine Inspired Wedding

I’ve heard through the grapevine that themed weddings will be making a huge comeback in 2012! So, I thought we’d chat about one of my favorite wedding themes: wine!

From wine inspired stationery to place cards adorned to wine glasses, we’ve got what you need to create a wine wedding masterpiece! Continue reading