Wedding Flowers: Daisy, Daisy

The daisy has always been considered a cheerful flower. Regardless of the variety, these mini suns have always represented summer with vibrancy and merriment.

One delicate daisy in a vase or a whole bouquet – it doesn’t matter because they will look lovely no matter what.

There are many different types of daisies, the most well known being the white and yellow variety. In actuality the only place that doesn’t have its own variety of this lovely flower is Antarctica. The rest of the world sports this flower, whether big or small, somewhere in the wild.

When you were younger the perfect flower to determine whether or not he loved you – was the daisy.

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not… He loves me!!”

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Cari and Jared – Succulent Paradise

There isn’t a single detail in this wedding that I didn’t immediately fall in love with; the palpable romance, stunning venue, amazing photography, the dress – every single bit of it is incredible.

Normally I’m not one to fall for weddings that involve pink, however combined with such a gorgeous location, the succulents and white flowers, it’s absolutely lovely.

I’m a huge fan of the Bride’s luscious relaxed curls, I find this type of hairstyle not only photographs better than the traditional updo, but it is also soft and romantic. A look that is ideal for this wedding.

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Using Dried Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

Warm Porch

Your first instinct may be to gravitate towards lush fresh flowers for your wedding, however I would love to take a moment to talk about the delicate beauty that dried flowers can achieve.

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Carley & Matt – Natural Sparks

I was absolutely delighted when Session Nine Photography submitted this wedding to us. I have been in the mood for a beautiful soft wedding, and that is exactly what they have given me.

The dulcet colors provide the groundwork for their delicate style and romantic atmosphere. They combine to create a natural ambiance with purple acting to draw your attention to the details. Continue reading

“Tea for Two” – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tea Setting
There is something about tea that implies contentment and relaxation. It’s not like coffee in the way that we drink it to survive the day – I find drinking tea is something that people do because they genuinely enjoy it. It’s relaxing or refreshing or just plain tasty.

It can be a social event, a time to sit down with the family or just take a moment for yourself. Of course there is also the fact that the act of steeping and drinking tea is deeply rooted in many cultures across the globe. Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Uniting Memories, the Past and the Present

Hello and welcome! I am Pamela, a Graphic Designer for Weddingstar, and am pleased to share some thoughts with you as you prepare for your special wedding day. Being involved in Weddingstar’s creative field, people often ask “What makes a unique and memorable wedding?”. Of course, there are endless opportunities to make a statement such as the amazing dress, the food, stationery, theme styling and so on. Personally, when I experience a genuine sense of love a bride and groom share throughout the atmosphere of the day, mixed with the addition of a few surprising details or activities, the wedding becomes intimately memorable. Continue reading

Guest Book Alternatives

Now that we have discussed the traditional guest book I figure it’s a good time to talk about some of the interesting alternatives! To be more precise I’m going to tell you about the alternatives that Weddingstar offers. There is one I won’t be including but that is simply because it’s so fabulous that it needs to have a post of its own!

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Wedding Guest Books

One of the universal components of most weddings is the guest book. Whether it makes its way to the wedding in traditional book form or as one of the many novel alternatives, a guest book is a wonderful way to create a physical memento of your special day and all the fabulous people who were there to celebrate it.


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The Destination Wedding – Advantages

Monday we talked about the disadvantages of a destination wedding. I’m not the kind of person to dwell on the bad for very long, so to turn it all around, let’s have a little chat about all the good things today!

The first thing most people think of when discussing destination weddings is sun, sand and palm trees. While that is one popular option, it isn’t everything a destination wedding encompasses. A destination wedding is simply a wedding that is held in a place other than where the Bride and Groom reside. It could even be a wedding held in their hometown. Continue reading