The Wedding Rose Ceremony


A symbol of love and beauty, the rose is the ideal flower to incorporate into a wedding. With various colors having different meanings, from love and friendship to new beginnings and passion, they can tell a story unique to your wedding.

There are many different ways to hold a Rose Ceremony, the idea is to create your own based on the traditional guidelines rather than following our instructions to the letter.

There is no wrong way to complete a Rose Ceremony!

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Cindy & Roger – Two Can Play the Game

Welcome to our very first real wedding feature!

Thanks to Two Bright Lights we are now able to provide you with stunning real weddings for inspiration and of course, eye candy.

I chose this wedding as our first feature because it is the perfect example of how you can take a fun theme and transform it into an elegant, memorable wedding. Just because a wedding focuses on something playful and meaningful to the couple, doesn’t mean that it has to be cheesy!

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Hanging Wedding Decor

While a ceiling may not be the first thing that you worry about when planning your wedding decor, it presents a unique blank canvas for you to transform. Like the rest of your venue it can be customized to suit your wedding.

What you can do with a ceiling greatly depends on where your wedding is being held. Some venues will be perfect without requiring even the slightest change. Dazzling chandeliers not only add a fantastic fairytale feel but often help contribute to the lighting mood of the event!

When glorious chandeliers are not available there are still things that can be done to improve the look. (You will want to make sure that you can affix decorations to the ceiling, and if so, what methods you can use!)

Hanging decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for.

This idea also applies outside – when it comes to decorating the gazebo, tent, or even just overhanging branches!

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Wedding Man Cave – Brilliant or Ludicrous?

One of the predicted wedding trends for 2011 is the emergence of a ‘Man Cave’ at weddings. Somewhere for the Groom and his friends to hide out with their favorite drinks and escape from it all. The idea is that the area would be designed to complement the taste of the men rather than girly and feminine like weddings are often perceived.

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Wedding bubbles may not be new, but that doesn’t make them a thing of the past. Still a popular alternative to confetti, bubbles often find their way into happy photographs of the Bride and Groom leaving their ceremony venue.

Perhaps wedding confetti is something that you have considered but keep in mind there are many places that confetti cannot be used. Many venues don’t want to deal with the clean-up that confetti requires. If the wedding is outdoors and you are considering using birdseed, think again for a moment! The birds may not mind the treat, however when grains start sprouting in the grass or cracks in the sidewalk, you might find not everyone is so thrilled. Additionally, and this is a big one, birdseed is also a hazard due to how slippery it can be (especially for those wearing dress shoes without a lot of grip on the bottom!).


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Childhood Sweethearts

Love Heart Drawing and Pen The inspiration for this post comes from those good old days in our childhood when everything seemed so simple. Back in the day when doodles on a page meant love, and holding hands on the swings was the highlight of your day.

Once you get older and start to face the realities of life it is so easy to lose the contentment that you felt in your youth, an unfortunate fact of life if you ask me!

This theme simplifies it all – it takes away the worries and stress of responsibility and focuses on the simplest kind of love. Celebrate the purest part of your relationship and just forget about everything else!

If you are looking for an artsy DIY theme with a twist, this could be it. Handmade decorations of course – perhaps bouquets made of the paper fortune tellers that kids always make. (Various colors and designs of paper would look fabulous!)

I see invitations designed with carved initials, doodled hearts and lots of whimsy!

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The Love Letter

(or Love of Letters…)

One of the most romantic sentiments that can be shared between lovers is a love letter. It is so much more than just telling your loved one how you feel. A letter helps you fully understand your emotions and your thoughts. It is something tangible that can be kept, and cherished. It’s not like a memory that will fade in time, you can go back at any point and relive the emotion that was so honestly conveyed.


A love letter can be an apology or a declaration. It is a way for those of us who are not so great with words to sit down and figure it all out before sharing it. There is nothing wrong with writing a few drafts to ensure it says exactly what you want it to say.

Sometimes three words are not enough to express the deep and abiding love between a couple. A love letter says all the things that cannot be encompassed by ‘I love you‘.

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Design a Wedding Accessory with Weddingstar

Design Your Own Wedding Accessory

The whole point of the blog today is to receive a bit of feedback from our wonderful readers. As you hopefully know, here at Weddingstar we design and manufacture the majority of the wedding accessories that we sell. We are perhaps most well known for our wedding cake toppers and stationery.

We are already beginning to focus on designing new products for 2012 as the process takes a great deal of time and effort. However, this year we would like to do it a little bit differently! If you would be interested, we would like your opinion to shape a completely new product that we will design.

IF and only if we receive enough interest in this idea, we will gather your input weekly, via polls – and use your personal preferences to create something fabulous.

You would be able to choose the type of product you want to see; the theme, style, color and all the little details in between.

If there is a product you wish existed, this could be your chance to see it created!

That being said, if you want to see a product come to life through the creative input of brides and wedding professionals, all you have to do is show your interest. A brief comment on the blog, Twitter or Facebook is more than enough!

Thank you and have a fabulous day,

Nature’s Whimsy

Working with Wildflowers

The wonderful thing about wildflowers is that they don’t appear overly structured and formal. They immediately contribute to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful Bachelor's Buttons Bouquet

Bachelor’s Buttons are the perfect flower for any ‘wildflower’ creations – the great thing about them is that they are incredibly easy to grow!

If you’re having a DIY summer wedding it would be a simple task to plant enough of them to decorate your entire event. They are hardy, beautiful and can be found in a plethora of pink, blue, purple and white shades. You don’t need to make full bouquets as the wildflower style is a lot more sparse.

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