Party Party PARTY!

It’s hard to believe that 2010 is coming to a close. One more year is over and a brand new one just about to begin!

In honor of the festivities we are going to feature ways to transform your wedding into a party that your guests will be talking about for years.

New Year in Vilnius '09

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Oh Star

You’ll find me talking about the value of light on a very regular basis, it is a design aspect I feel very strongly about! This post however mentions it rather indirectly.  The theme I want to talk about today focuses on one of the many celestial bodies that light up our world.

Stars are an incredible addition to weddings for many reasons. The least of which is their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wedding Reception

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Blue and Red

Christmas might be done, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the season just yet. There are many seasonal wedding styles that don’t have to incorporate the common red, green and gold – not that I have anything against that color scheme! (If you missed our Christmas post you can find it HERE.)

Silver, crystals and blues all contribute to the glistening splendor of winter and combine to make a stunning scheme for any wedding.

The style I’m going to talk about today adds one more color into the mix.


Christmas Blue and Red

Miniature White Felt Winter Mittens

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Christmas in Style

I’ve chosen a selection of Christmas decor photos that I feel could translate into wonderful wedding decor. I’ve tried to avoid overdoing the red and green to give you a few ideas of other ways that you can use the Christmas colors!

(If all these pictures happen to get you into the Christmas spirit… Even Better!!)

The candy cane was my first choice because of its versatility. The color pops wonderfully, they make adorable little hearts and mint is a great flavor to incorporate into anything! (More or less.)

Candy Cane Delight

I <3 Candy Canes Christmas cookies More Candy Canes! Candy Cane More Candy Canes

Photos: hello-julie, ShutterBugChef, JD Hancock, PV KS and ana branca.

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The Cupcake – Mouthwatering Morsels of Magic

malteaser cupcakes Content Warning: This post may not be suitable for all viewers. Anyone hungry should not continue reading – we cannot be held accountable for any side effects.

More or less on impulse I have decided to feature cupcakes. I blame the impending holidays, the baking to-do list that has been floating around in the back of my mind for the past few weeks and the boxes of cupcakes that mysteriously began to appear around here.

I figure you won’t mind, after all – cupcakes are fabulous! Just look at that picture. Do I really even need to say more?

Oh don’t worry though, I certainly will!

Just in case you need convincing of the merits of cupcakes I’ll elaborate to my hearts content.

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Rings and Things

The ring shot is one that almost every couple will end up with. The wedding rings captured in their shiny glory, on such an important day in a relationship, is a great keepsake to have. They’re a great addition to a photo album as the ring photograph is guaranteed to stand out!

If you want to make the most out of every photograph…

As lovely as it is to have the photograph it is usually something that is done simply with what the photographer notices is available. Often you’ll see the rings with the bouquet or in a wine glass – two things that can be found at nearly every wedding. However, if you want to make sure you have every little detail covered, you can prepare for the ring shot with only minimal planning! If you know what type of photograph you are hoping for it will make the process go that much more smoothly.

Wedding Bands and Bouquet The most common ring photograph includes the rings and the brides bouquet or some of the wedding flowers. They are of course easily included and add a little extra to the backdrop.

The Precious Rings

It is nice to have more in the photo than just the rings. Perhaps something that represents the wedding, or the couple.

I’ve put together a collection of unique ring photographs, hopefully one of them might inspire you!

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Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Often the very beginning of the wedding planning can be the hardest part. If you don’t have any direction and don’t know where to start, how can you possibly determine where to go next??

Once the budget is out of the way (as that should really be decided as soon as possible), you need to decide something, anything! Even the tiniest hint of an idea can start you off on your wedding planning journey.

Travel Wedding Theme

Love is in the Air Wedding Favor Gliders Travel Trolley Wedding Favor Container A Kiss and We're Off Wedding Cake Topper Tropical Flip Flop Candle Wedding Favor

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2011 Weddingstar Magazine & “The Cover Shoot”

The design, proofing, photography and production of our yearly magazine is a long and very in-depth ordeal. In earlier posts we showed you a few behind the scenes videos that hinted at the amount of work that goes into a single photo-shoot. To celebrate the completion and launch of the Magazine, we have one more inside look that takes you into the creation of the Cover.

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Love Birds – The Trendy Tweeters

The Love Bird theme is a trend that has swept up the wedding world creating a tidal wave of weddings centered around a pair of adorable birds. Of course it makes perfect sense when you take into consideration just how unbelievably sweet and romantic it can be.

Love Birds Header

Love Bird Wedding Accessories

The history behind the style stems from Agapornis, the lovebirds native to Africa and Madagascar. These beautiful parrots with their stunning plumage demonstrate with their very being exactly what love is. They take only one mate whom they shower with adoration and affection for as long as they both shall live.

Of course the theme is not usually centered around the parrot it takes its name from – for the wedding scene it has been adapted to have a much softer appearance. Often times it is simply the silhouette of a pair of birds that is used to convey the romantic notion.

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