Winter Wonderland Weddings

The beautiful snow blanketing the ground is proof that it is finally undeniably Winter – this gives me the opportunity to talk about my favorite time of year without anyone complaining they’re just not ready for it yet. (Unless of course you’re somewhere that the palm trees sway, in which case I do apologize.) I’ll try not to go overboard with blatant adoration of the season, but I make no promises!

Summer might be favored by brides but I salute any who are brave enough to plan a winter wedding. If your location is one where the world freezes over, you have the perfect recipe for romance all around you.

Images courtesy of Shandro Photo.

It might sound a little bit odd, thinking of the cold as actually assisting you to create romance, but take a moment to consider this.

Winter is the only season in which you can curl up in front of a roaring fire with the love of your life and be perfectly comfortable. The stars always seem to shine brighter in the freezing depths of winter. And snow; beautiful, pure, brilliant snow, will grace the world.

What does this have to do with your wedding?

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Introducing: The Media Guy

As a visual guy I like to argue that it’s pictures that tell a story, initially grab us, and put things into context. My name is Luke and I’m Weddingstar’s Web Media Content Luke The Media Guy Creator or put simply, ‘the media guy’. With an SLR or camcorder in my hand my goal is to help present the originality that this company both creates and inspires.

Things have really just started to take off in the last year. We now have WeddingstarTV where you can view the videos that I create on everything from specific product demos to behind-the-scenes previews. There’s a lot more on the way too! This blog, for me, is going to mean a chance to debut new videos as they go live and share some of the stories and details behind the subjects featured.

So, why don’t we get started?

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Weddingstar on Oprah

Weddingstar On Oprah - Can you spot our products?

A few months back we were delighted to find out that a couple of our products would be used on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show. We personalized the items and shipped them off being very careful not to tell anyone at all! Now that the show has been on air we can finally tell you all about our small moment in the spotlight! Continue reading

The Wedding Blog Has Begun!

Welcome - Please Help Yourself
The whole wedding planning process is a daunting one whether you are doing it yourself or have a wedding planner to assist you. It can easily tax the very limits of your energy and imagination.

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